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screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-12-03-30-amWhen we ran the very first Save Our Scene workshop of the entire tour, we didn’t know who would show up, what to expect in terms of responses or conversations, or how the workshop would go. We were prepared on our end, but it was hard to anticipate how it would go when we weren’t actually in dress rehearsal. One of the first people to show up was Mikey, the bassist of New Jersey hardcore band Old Wounds. He provided some great discussion, and really helped the very first workshop go as we’d hoped it would. We ended up with the opportunity to get to know the other guys, and really loved their music, their show, and most importantly, the way the spoke up for people who have trouble speaking up for themselves, for one reason or another. They even sold Old Wounds branded pride flags and gave all proceeds to The Trevor Project, a 24-hour crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline for LGBT youth.

Mikey from Old Wounds selling tickets for our raffle.
Mikey from Old Wounds selling tickets for our raffle.
At one point in the tour, Mikey came up to us and proposed a raffle. He wanted to provide us with an Old Wounds shirt and CD and let us sell raffle tickets for $1. This was generous enough, but then he even came over to our table and helped sell the tickets for a few hours. When you’re spending 10 hours a day (at least) in the super hot sun, it can be daunting at times even to complete everyday tasks we have to do. The fact that he came over and worked as hard as he did just to help us raise some money told us everything we needed to know about him and his band.

After we drew and contacted the winner for the raffle, we she came over to our tent and we walked her over to the Old Wounds tent. Seeing that the raffle winner had two people with her, the band even hooked her friends up with shirts and CDs. These dudes are awesome. We loved getting to know them and having the opportunity to team up with them.

Old Wounds is currently wrapping up a tour with Beartooth and Every Time I Die (tour poster below). Make sure to follow them onFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They have a few releases on iTunes, Amazon, and all other music outlets. Their most recent album is The Suffering Spirit, out on Good Fight Records.


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