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I’m literally laughing out loud over here. Fresh off my feed is a new set of PSAs about sexual consent, which seems like it shouldn’t be funny, but definitely is. Walking that fine line between face-palm-worthy awkwardness and brilliant commentary, a talking vagina just brought a complicated message home faster than a teenage boy’s first time.

Listen, I had the same thought: What in the hell is going on here? Why is there a CGI penis whistling nonchalantly? Will I ever be able to get this image out of my head? My first reaction was raised eyebrows, but then a deeper impression swept over me.

We tie so much of our self to sex. That’s one reason infidelity is such a big deal to most of us, because sex is like giving someone a piece of yourself. You can’t ever get it back, and in a healthy relationship that’s one of the most beautiful things ever. Taking that logic to an admittedly comic end by making a cute little butt with a face or a boob have a conversation with a hand is one of the best moves I’ve seen in combating rape culture yet. Not only will the funny angle get some major shares on social media (which is always helpful for awareness) but the strange image can’t easily be forgotten (which positions it to become a “life long lesson”) and on top of that it connects our bodies, and they way they are treated to our entire identity. Project Consent helps us realize our “privates” aren’t always so private, and that’s OK, so long as we choose where the distinction lies.

I’d go ahead and clap for their efforts, but I can’t stop imagining the terrified look on my hand’s respective faces as I smashed them together. Dang, looks like it sunk in deeper than I was expecting.

Hat Tip to Buzzfeed, where I first learned about Project Consent.

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