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Self-care is theme for December 2018. Photos on Instagram and Snapchat show peaceful and relaxing forms of self-care; face masks, bubble baths, wine, fitness etc. But self-care is more than the Instagram-worthy proclamation of hygiene. Self-Care is feeding your soul and taking care of the person you are growing into.

Self-care is a nourishing escape from the stressful lives we live. Our jobs stress us out. Family, mental health and the constant worry of bills are all stressors that effect our daily functioning. Self-care is putting those stressors in check and making sure you can function happily day-to-day. Success, even the slightest bit of success, is a form of self-care.

Success, the feeling of accomplishment, releases happy hormones like endorphins into the brain. This puts you in a good mood and helps you stay positive. Many people feel like they need self-care because they are not feeling happy, but instead feel stressed or sad. Success or accomplishments of any sort do not have to be monumental to everyone, but can still be monumental for you.

Some things that are seen as just everyday tasks can be seen as triumphs. For instance, that laundry pile sitting in the corner of your room – doing it successfully will help you feel better and this is a form of taking care of the environment in which you live in order to take care of yourself. Finishing an application that has been pushed to the side can relieve a lot of stress and make one feel good about the day.

You do not need to do multiple things in one day for it to be considered successful. One task, one accomplishment makes a successful day because something was accomplished and that something releases the happy hormones we need in our daily lives. Sometimes, just getting out of bed for the day is a success. If that sounds familiar, congratulations! You have triumphed the day and taken care of yourself! Once you have succeeded in your task wear that face mask, take that nap and do all the other forms of self-care that are relaxing, because caring for yourself and the environment in which you live is so important for your mental health. Enjoy a wonderful December of self-care, holidays and joy!

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