Update 4/1/21

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OMG! I’m speechless from all the feedback I’ve received and thank you so very much. What I’m hearing the most is everyone telling me to relocate I cannot do that I have two big dogs they only know me they know nobody else and I shouldn’t be the one that has to leave. I’m hoping maybe a police officer will read this and tell me what I should do. Someone that believes what I’m saying. I think I’ve even found some hidden cameras and microphones but I can’t be sure I’d have to put hole in my wall and then I look like some kind of a junkie.   I don’t know if they when you do find one if you can see where it’s coming from so what good would that do other than taking it out of my house. And I only have three siblings left two of them I don’t talk to since my mom died and one House Down syndrome so I couldn’t stay with them. And there’s no way I can stay with her friends to dogs I appreciate everyone’s concern and feedback and God bless you all

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  1. dzreid Volunteer

    I haven’t read all the other comments, but I do agree with you, it’s not fair that you should have to relocate. I also don’t think it’s fair that you have this constant fear lingering. I can suggest maybe seeing a therapist/counselor to help overcome these fears. So much was stolen from you. Your fears are yours, & yes they are real because you are real & also very valid. You have the right to live a free happy life; one free from being haunted by fears. I can say I believe you & believe in you! Maybe you can contact your local victims advocate for suggestions on how to keep safe & feel safe. If you don’t know how to do that, then maybe a phone call to a shelter, or local police department can lead you in the right direction.

  2. Araceli1090 Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,
    thanks for coming back and updating us. I agree, it wouldn’t be fair to relocate and leave your life behind. Perhaps finding the nearest police station would be the best bet. Whatever you decide to do, just know you have our support!

    goodluck! we are here for you!

  3. sarahsays Volunteer

    Hey 1122rrtt,

    Thank you for checking in with us. I’m glad you’re here. I understand completely that packing up and moving isn’t the ideal scenario for you right now. We want you to be safe though. Going to the police station, or telling a trusted friend or family member who can go for you, or with you, may be a good option. You shouldn’t have to deal with this alone. We are here for you.

    Take care,

  4. Stark21 Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    Thank you so much for updating us! It’s totally understandable that moving or staying with friends isnt an option especially because of your fur babies. I would definitely recommend getting the police involved if you only feel comfortable in doing so. It could possibly be helpful in figuring out possible security solutions for your home. Please stay safe and keep us updated. We are here for you and here to listen.

  5. iap66325 Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,

    Good to hear from you again! I hope that there is some other way in which you could move out somewhere, where you will be safer. At the moment i would advise for you to try and discuss it with a friend or family member that you do have contact with, that way they are aware of what you are enduring. Not only that but that if you cannot reach out to the police yourself, if another person you know can do it for you that way you can leave without being in any form of danger. The longer that you continue to stay worries me, it be best if you try to move out with someone you truly trust and take everything you need and go because it is horrific how they are doing this to you in your own home, where you should feel safe at all times. Especially, since in all of this your safety is what matters. If that does not help I would also offer checking out the Hotlines like Safe Horizon a 24 hour hotline, to see if they can as well offer any other alternative ideas that best suit you in this situation so you remain safe. Keep us updated, I send my strength to you!

  6. jenniferb Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,
    Thank you for updating us. I understand that relocating is not an option because it is not easy to do. Especially, considering that you have two dogs as well, and you are right. You should not have to be relocating, it is your home and you deserve to feel safe in your own space. Others have mentioned that maybe going to a police station may be helpful. I really do hope that you find someone to help with this situation.
    We are always here so please feel free to write again. Stay safe and I am sending you lots of support.

  7. CSUN Volunteer A.M Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,
    Thank you for updating us , your situations is truly understandable its not easy to relocate with dogs maybe adding few cameras would make you feel safer in your home or even you can find the nearest police station and talk to them explain it to them what happened Im sure they will help you .If you feel like we can help you with anything please don’t hesitate to ask we will be happy help ,please keep us updated we would like to hear from you.

  8. Angela Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    Thank you for updating us. Sorry to hear that you cannot relocate but it is understandable, plus you should not have to move, you should be able to feel safe in your own home. I do hope you get answers on what is going on! Once again please take care and be safe.

  9. slozoya1120 Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt

    Thank you for coming back and giving us an update. Relocating can be hard and very troublesome. I hope you are soon able to get the answers to your questions. We hear you here at AVFTI, and we believe you. Maybe you can contact your local police department and have them go take a look? I hope it all turns out in your favor! Take care!


  10. chompyapple1 Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    Thank you so much for updating us. It’s understandable to not want to relocate and leave your dogs. You could go to your nearest police station to talk to them about your problems. If you ever need anything, let us know. We’re always here for you. Stay strong and take care.

  11. Tokyo_Kaneki Volunteer

    Hello again 1122rrtt, you are completely right, you shouldn’t be the one that has to leave. That is your home. I am so sorry to hear about the situation with the 2 siblings you don’t talk to and about your mothers death. I agree with many volunteers saying to contact the police, the least they can do is to do a walk through of your home in search of these cameras. That is a complete invasion of your privacy and whoever out them there needs to have consequences because that is illegal. We deserve to feel safe in our own homes and I am sorry that they are making it impossible to do so. Please know we are here for you. Sending lots of love and support.
    – J

  12. Jiggy Volunteer

    Hey 1122rrtt,
    You are very caring for not wanting to leave your dogs behind. Many volunteers agree that it is best to contact the police, they could look into the hidden cameras. Maybe you should install your own cameras so you can see anything strange happening around your house. Cameras could give answers to unexplained questions you have. I understand it is difficult to move, moving is one of the hardest things to do so I am sorry you have to go through this.

  13. KatherineL Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    I understand that leaving is not an option. You’re right, you shouldn’t be the one to leave if you don’t want to or cannot uproot like that. Since you’re going to be staying there, is there anything you can do to help you feel safe in that space? You deserve to feel safe.


  14. alexiswilliams


    We all care about you and want you to be and feel safe. You are always welcome here.

    Sending love,

  15. snandi2 Volunteer

    Hi 1122rtt,

    Like other volunteers have mentioned, my advice would also be to visit your local police department and let them know of your concerns. They should take your concerns seriously, and hopefully they are able to help you feel safe at your house once again. I agree that you shouldn’t be the one that has to leave, you deserve to feel comfortable and at peace in your own home. All of us here at AVFTI are here to support you in any way we can, and I hope you stay safe.

  16. musicislove

    Hi again 112244tt,

    Although moving could be appealing, I agree that you shouldn’t have to be the one that moves. You should feel safe in the place you’ve called home for so long and I’m sorry you don’t right now. If you go to your local police station they might be able to help you in some way, and our Find Help tab has a ton of resources as well, hopefully you can get some help to feel safe again there and remember we’re always here for you!


  17. mikaylaanne11 Volunteer

    Hey there, 1122rrtt,

    I’m sorry to hear that you can’t move! There’s some really amazing people here and amazing connections in our “Find Help” tab that might be helpful for your situation, but we’re always here for you in the meantime. You are doing the best that you can right now. Don’t give up, and be kind to yourself during this time!

  18. Neesha Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    Thanks for the update, maybe you should talk to a lawyer or go to a police station and see what your options are? I don’t know what the right thing to do is, but it is a place to start. You absolutely deserve to be safe. Please take care of yourself

  19. karinakalke Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    Thank you for updating us! I’m not a police officer, but I would recommend going to your local police station and telling them what’s been going on. You could even ask about setting up some security cameras if you think that would be helpful. We believe you, and we all want you to be safe.

    Sending support and strength,

  20. oscarl2 Volunteer

    Hello 122rrtt,
    Thank you for keeping us updated. I can see you do have a problem and you do not know how to tackle it. Are you not able to move with your dogs? Hopefully you end up finding a solution on what to do soon and that things can go back to normal for you. Please feel free to reach out to us again.
    Wishing you the best of luck,

  21. Bluebell13 Volunteer

    Dear 1122rrtt,
    Thank you for coming back to share more with us. We believe you and we want to be of help so that you feel safe. It is difficult when you don’t have anyone to turn to. Hopefully, the police will be able to help you if that is what you decide to do. We are here for you anytime you want to share. Take care of yourself.
    Sending you love and strength,

  22. music2799 Day Captain

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    It makes sense that you don’t want to leave your dogs alone. I like the suggestion of asking a police officer questions or having someone do a sweep of your house to look for hidden cameras. You could also install cameras in places where it would be hard to find them, and you could review the footage with a police officer. I would recommend doing what helps you feel the safest. Your safety is so important!
    Thank you for updating us and sharing more about your situation. We believe you, and we want you to be safe. I hope you’re doing well this week, and please feel free to share whenever you like! We’re in your corner.

  23. leoreslavick Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    I just commented on your last post and I am so happy that you are continuing to update us. I totally understand that relocating is not an option because of your dogs. So like others, I would advise you to possibly go to a police station and talk to the police officers about further steps. I can’t even imagine the stress and paranoia that you have to deal with on a daily basis with your perpetrators living so close to you. Especially since there is a suspicion that your house is bugged, I would definitely advise you to talk the police. That is such a scary way to live and I think you should do everything and anything in your power to try to figure out if there are microphones or cameras behind your wall. And I know you are concerned with looking like some sort of “junkie” but how you feel is how you feel. Considering your story what happened to you, the fact that your house could be bugged does not seem so far fetched. We believe in you and are always here to provide support.
    Sending so much love your way,

  24. Starling Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    Thank you for updating us. It’s understandable to not want to relocate and leave your dogs. While I’m not a police officer, I’ve studied criminal justice and worked in the system before. I would suggest going to your nearest police station to talk to them about your concerns. If you set up security cameras, you could show the police any suspicious activity that shows up as well. If you ever need anything, let us know. We’re always here for you.

  25. Lusine05 Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    Of course, we believe you, and I hope a police officer will too. I understand that you cannot move out, and do not worry; we, together, will figure something out. You do not have to do this all by yourself. You have mentioned a friend in your previous story, and I thought maybe it is possible for him/her to stay with you sometimes. Also, if you do not want to talk to the police directly, you can write an email to their department and ask questions.
    Stay safe,
    – L

  26. casitasbonitas Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    Thank you for keeping us updated! But yeah I would not want to leave my dogs either. Maybe reaching out to authority can help you or setting up those cameras like you suggested can also be helpful. Keep us updated!

  27. coachdiggs Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,
    First I wanted to say thank you for keeping us updating on everything. I would say that you should go the police station and you should ask them. That would make it so much easier for you. Lastly, I wanted to say thank you for keeping up with the updates.

  28. betterdays1 Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,
    I am not a police officer but I looked at some counselling that could be useful for you. The shrink offers free counselling and I think they could advice you on what to do. I know it could be hard to figure things out on your own but stay strong, you could do it. We believe what you are saying and we are here for you. Let us know if there is any other way we could help.

  29. Pamela Z Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt
    I am glad you have updated us! It is good to hear from you. I feel like whatever makes you feel comfortable. My other suggestion would go to a police station near you and ask. We do have resources available under the “Find Help” tab. Remember you are not alone, and you are believed.
    Sending you strength,

  30. CarmenR Volunteer

    Hi there,
    Thank you for coming back and updating us. We are here for you, and you are always welcome here. Let us know if we can do anything further to help!


  31. Chris Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    Thanks for the update! I am always glad to hear when someone gives feedback. As a police officer myself my best recommendation would be visiting your nearest police/sheriff station (whatever is closest or in your area) and voice your concerns and what you know to an officer or clerk to see what options you have. An officer or two can even come down to your home and physically see what it is you might be concerned about in the house which might help speed things along. I cannot say what they can do specifically as these types of things will differ from county to county, state to state, etc. but I can say it would not be a waste of your time, in fact I would recommend it if you are concerned. That being said, I look forward to future updates from you and am wishing you the best!


  32. zelda Day Captain

    Hi, 1122, thank you for posting an update to our feedback. It’s helpful for me to know if my advice is something that can be a solution for you. I think I may have mentioned seeing a therapist, but a cop would probably recommend going down to the station if you feel a crime (or crimes) has been committed.

    I remember when I was trying to get help for abuse that happened awhile ago, I called my district’s police station (not 911), and a cop offered to come out to my house and take down a report. What I ended up doing was going down to the station myself, and a detective came down to get me. I spent about 2 hours talking to him, as he was jotting down notes.

    At the end of the day, he called me later on that week to say his supervisor wouldn’t take my case.

    However, your situation may be different. If you do talk to a cop or detective, their response may be different than the one I received.

    Whatever you want to do, I am wishing you strength.

  33. odishoe Volunteer

    Hi again, thank you for coming back and giving us an update. you can definitely go to the police since your saying you have found some hidden cameras and microphones, its more then likely someone is stalking you, I’m not trying to scare you but be cautious and always watch your surroundings.

  34. Amysue43 Volunteer

    I’m so sorry you are experiencing this! You are so strong in doing this on your own. We believe you and support you in every way! Perhaps, you could call in to the station and discuss possible steps with them.
    Stay strong <3

  35. Karenv12 Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,
    I think the most important thing here is your safety and the safety of your dogs, if you feel you aren’t safe or that you are being watched I think the best thing to do is call the police, I do not think that you are crazy, your reasons for feeling the way you do are valid and I think that you should definitely speak out and reach out to the police just to have your home checked and maybe that neighbor. Please keep us updated.
    Sending you lots of strength and love,

  36. 123Ahmet Volunteer

    Hello 1122rrtt,

    Your safety is of the utmost importance and yes I do agree that the police should get involved for the safety of everyone. I am glad you have given us an update on what has been going on. I am glad that we could give you positive feedback and helpful replies. A camera system could really help your situation, I have a ring camera where you can see everything that is happening and it also gives you notifications, it is a lifesaver. Also if you need additional resources the “Find Help” tab has many informational and helpful resources that could also help you out as well.


  37. eagle206 Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    Thank you for coming back with an update! We are all here for you. You’re right you shouldn’t be the one who has to move. Definitely reach out to the police! They can help watch the neighborhood and keep you safe. I believe you. Maybe you can stay somewhere else but have someone dog sit the dogs in your house so they are still cared for?

    Stay strong,

  38. Marissa Day Captain

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    Sorry about my other suggestion about moving! I hadn’t seen your update. Maybe this would help you – https://www.spygadgets.com/blog/how-to-detect-hidden-cameras-and-microphones/ and if that doesn’t find anything, you could hire someone to do a sweep – https://www.howelawfirm.com/counter-surveillance-and-bug-sweep-services/homes/

    I hope you are doing ok! This must be so scary for you. Let us know how we can help.

  39. candyappleb Day Captain

    Hello again 1122rrtt,

    I am so sorry that it is not so easy for you to get out of the situation. Have you looked through our resource section? I know there are several organizations that accept pets and provide safe shelter for people who fear their home is unsafe. My next suggestion would be to look into possibly installing an inexpensive camera or security system to help you monitor your home. I know you can get very inexpensive door and window alarms that make a LOT of racket when they are triggered. It is okay that you don’t feel that you can leave the home. I completely understand. You worked hard to earn your home and what is happening to you is unacceptable. You don’t deserve to be afraid in your own home. Please continue to keep us updated. We are here for you!

    All the best,

  40. pinksky92 Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    So glad that we could help you out! It does seem like a tough situation. You are absolutely right in that you should not be the one that has to vacate your home. Maybe you can have someone stay with you? I also think it may be worth it to reach out to law enforcement especially if other people in the neighbourhood have been experiencing something similar. It could be that someone is purposely terrorizing your neighbourhood.

    I sincerely hope that you stay safe.

  41. brookeallnutt Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    I just saw your other post, and I’m so happy that you liked the feedback you got. I agree that maybe speaking with a police officer might be helpful. This definitely sounds like a tough situation, so hopefully you are able to do whatever you are comfortable with doing. Once again, I hope you and your dogs stay safe!

  42. haesol Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    I’m glad you’ve had some helpful and positive feedback. Reaching out to the police department is definitely a good option too, hopefully they can do some rounds around your house and neighborhood to check. I hope you’re okay!

  43. lizzi

    Hey 1122rrtt,
    I’m so glad you got such positive feedback! We’re here for you and we care about you, so always remember that. You can reach out to your local police department and have them come out to see if they can find anything suspicious, like a microphone or camera. Or if you don’t want to come out, you can still get advice from them. I hope things get better for you soon.

  44. jcas120 Volunteer


    I am so grateful to hear that you found the feedback helpful! It also sounds like you are taking a lot of steps to solve this problem. I am sad to hear that you can’t stay with anyone but I hope that does change soon. We will be here for you anytime you need us, come back and update us any time!

  45. tania Volunteer

    Hey 1122rrtt,
    Thanks for coming back and updating us! I am sorry you cannot relocate, by chance is there someone you could go to and talk about what is going on, so someone else can be there for you. Please keep us updated!

  46. ajklessig Volunteer


    I just replied to your other post before I saw this one! I am sorry that you feel as though you are unable to change locations (you are right, you shouldn’t feel the need to be evicted from your own home). I am glad that you felt supported with all the feedback, and I hope there is a resolution to this that you can find! I know you mentioned you hoped that a police officer would read this, have you thought about going to a local station and asking for advice? You don’t necessarily have to file a report if you don’t want to, but you could call or speak with an officer who could offer you different suggestions.

  47. SarahLove Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    Thank you for trusting us here at AVFTI! We are more than happy to help and listen. It is completely understandable relocating can be difficult due to your dogs. Maybe there is someone that you trust and can help you come up with a better solution for both you and your dogs? Please keep us updated!

    Stay Strong,

  48. jyoung Volunteer

    Hi 1122rrtt,

    Thanks for coming back to update us, and thank you again for sharing your story! I’m so glad that you were happy with the feedback. I hope the responses provided you with some relief. I understand how relocating may not be an option, but please know, regardless of how you decide to move forward, we hear you, and we are here for you.

    Stay safe,

  49. lilyk Volunteer

    Hey 1122rrtt,

    It’s good to hear from you again. I’m so happy the AVFTI community has been able to help. I’m sorry that you aren’t able to relocate. Is there a person you trust that you can tell about what’s going on? Even if you aren’t able to stay with them, they may be able to help you figure out what to do next. Sending you strength and I hope to hear from you again soon.

  50. Caitlin Volunteer


    You deserve it!

    Maybe you could call the non-emergency line in your town (if calling the police seems daunting) and ask to speak to detective or investigator? I know this might also seem daunting so I apologize if this feels like too much. I was just thinking that there might be a way to speak to someone directly to lay out some of the things you have noticed and they could be looked into without you feeling too overwhelmed?

    Just a thought. either way we believe you!

  51. Erin O'Callaghan Day Captain

    Thank you for coming back to share-I totally understand that it’s not possible to relocate when you have animals. Could your local crisis center maybe be of help here? That’s maybe another option of some folks who may be able to connect you to some help.


    1. 1122rrtt

      Thank you are and that’s a great idea I did go to a church one morning and waited for the pastor to come back but somehow we missed each other and I haven’t been back to talk to him yet but thank you so much and thanks for caring

  52. Alyssa Day Captain

    Hi 1122rrtt,
    I’m so happy that you are happy with the feedback. We are happy to help you and be here for you. If you need to you can use our resource tab on the top right of this page. If a police officer doesn’t get to read your story, the resources can help you come up with an idea as of what you can do. We are always here for you. Thank you for writing back.