Everyone deserves to be loved

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It was September of 1995 when this young woman started working at my job, she seemed different, while others would laugh play jokes about my rapist coming up to see me, she’d always seem to be at my side every time.
She’d hug me everyday we worked together, give me rides home where I opened up to her and told her what happened then and how was doing at that time. She would sometimes hold my hand or rub my arm.

On April 11, 1998 I got a phone call, she wanted to go out to dinner that night, I agreed, she picked me up and as we walked she pulled me close to her and rested her head on my shoulder, she took my hand as we walked to our table, she seemed different tonight, rather somber and yet she seemed even more beautiful than ever before. After dinner we drove by the water and stood quietly just looking into the water. For the first time I saw she had tears in her eyes, I asked her what’s wrong and she just smiled and we got back in the car. That night she held my hand all the way home. When we got to my home she handed me a envelope and leaned in and kissed me on the lips smiling she told me open it when you get in okay, still not understanding I said okay. I opened the car door and slowly walked up to the house and when I got in the house with my mother yelling and screaming about where I had been I just walked past her went into my room where I had been sleeping on the floor for about a year before, she had surgery and wanted me to move into a small room across from her where we couldn’t put a bed in. For the first time I shut the door and as in started opening the envelope I smelled the girls sweet perfume something she knew I liked, smiling when a note fell out when I picked it up it read the worst day of your life was on April 11,1981 I only hope this day will give you comfort as it has me.
It hit me, I had to sit down, even though I heard my mother yelling and screaming it was all noise, I realized that April 11, 1981 was the day I was raped, and this beautiful woman replaced that wicked, evil day with a memory that I will always hold dear to me.

The amazing thing is when I went back to work Monday her friend told me she had moved, I was so upset, later in the office her friend came out and asked me remember all the problems that you were having, well when she came here to work she wanted to help you and even though she’s gone don’t you feel that you as well as everyone should be loved. I asked her where did she live, come from? She smiled and said somewhere down south and that was all she knew

Through the years there hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought of that beautiful young woman, an angel almost, I think of her everyday in hopes we meet again even though its been over 20 years, yes its true everybody deserves to be loved

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  1. Ashley Day Captain

    Yes, everybody does deserve to be loved 🙂

  2. Jacqui

    I am so happy that you have that beautiful memory. It often helps to replace the bad with the good. For me, it was to go to the place where my assault happened and make new memories, so I am glad you could have that. You are right. You do deserve to be loved.

  3. Erin Day Captain

    You’re right-everybody does deserve to be loved. This is another wonderful story. Thank you for sharing-I’m glad she was able to give you some happiness in your tough life.


    1. Helpme1968

      It was odd, when we had met she seemed like she really knew me, thing was I had never seen her before, I heard her name but that was cause I worked with her friend. First time she worked with me she started talking, spending time, and that led to her hugging me. The difference in the two was one liked to hug and hold hands I forgot how many times she would embrace me. Whereas the other in two years we knew each other she maybe embraced me 3 times, she was a little nervous and conservative

  4. Kristen Eby

    This is indeed a beautiful story. It makes me happy to know you shared this experience with her, and that she was able to show you just how you can be loved. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Helpme1968

      It took me a lot to write this one, three times and many tears. This beautiful woman nobody really knew much about her, her friend had told her what had happened to me and she took it from there. We lost contact in 1998 and as far as I know to me she was a angel, and will always be a angel to me

  5. Heather GG

    That’s an amazing story.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. Helpme1968

      Thank you, this girl is only one of two who showed how much they cared and loved me, I have searched for her and all I get is she’s somewhere in the west , and that she was born in the south, I only hope others find love