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I’m back from my mini trip to Pittsburgh, which definitely helped a lot. While I was there, I didn’t have a single PTSD episode or trigger, and it was great to see and hang out with ‘Benjamin’, who’s officially my boyfriend now. He certainly helps me out a lot with my condition, speaking of which, I have a evaluation next week for Social Security, and I have no idea what they plan on doing or saying.
If it’s a simple questionnaire, I think I can handle it. Has anyone ever dealt with this that can give me some pointers? I’m nervous as can be.

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  1. Mary Volunteer

    I’m glad to hear that you had a successful trip to Pittsburgh. PTSD is such a struggle, and it sounds like you are coping well! It sounds like Benjamin is a good source of support for you, too. Social Security can be difficult battle, and it makes sense that you are nervous, but you are strong. You’ve got this!

  2. Erin O'Callaghan Day Captain

    I’m glad Pittsburgh went well! I’m not sure about what they will do, it’s probably just routine to make sure you can get the funds? Maybe try checking government websites to see what to expect. Let us know how it goes.


  3. music2799 Day Captain

    Hi Jamie Marie,
    I’m so happy your trip in Pittsburgh went well, and congratulations on your relationship! I’ve never done a Social Security evaluation, but maybe asking for clarification when you need it could help. Good luck! Thank you for updating us. We’re here for you.

  4. CarmenR Volunteer

    Hi there Jamie Marie,

    It’s great to hear you had a good time in Pittsburgh, an congratualtions on your new relationship! It really can help to take a small roadtrip or just get away for a bit, so I am glad you got the oppurtunity to do so. I’m sure your evaluation will go well! Don’t be nervous! You got this!


  5. Alyssa Day Captain

    Hi Jamie Marie,
    I’m so happy for you! I’m happy you that nothing triggered your ptsd I know how annoying it can be when you want to have fun but you have triggers. Congrats on your new boyfriend.
    I’ve never had to do one of those questionnaires, but good luck. You have nothing to be worried about.

  6. Solongago Volunteer

    I am glad you had a good time in PA, and that you and your friend have made a commitment to each other. That’s great. Awesome that you did not have any episodes. I am happy for you. Can’t help you with the eval, never been through that, but I would think it would probably be a good idea to consider how your condition has effected your ability to get and keep a job with specific examples, and perhaps things like when you began going to a health-care professional for the condition. The group I am with does work with disability papers for their clients. If you are worried, you might consider contacting your therapist and asking her what to expect. Is that a possibility?

  7. megshort Volunteer

    Jamie Marie,

    It’s great to hear that your trip went well! It is truly amazing that you have a partner who is supportive. I wish I had some pointers for you. Perhaps someone else will. I hope that everything goes well 🙂 Stay in touch. We’ll be here <3

  8. Julia Mandel Day Captain

    That’s so great that you are healing with a new partner and didn’t have any episodes or triggers! I am so happy for you and gook luck with your questionnaire. I have never been through it before, but maybe another volunteer has that can give some pointers. Let us know if you need anything else from us; stay strong <3

  9. Natalie M Day Captain

    Hi Jamie Marie,
    I’m so glad you had a great trip! It is awesome that you have found someone who can help you out with what you need. You really do deserve that. I’m glad things are moving forward! I have not dealt with social security so I’m not sure how to help. But good luck! and i hope all goes well for you! stay strong!!

  10. Turnschaosintoart Day Captain

    Jamie Marie,
    So happy you had a good trip and congratulations and good luck with the new boyfriend. I really hope it works out. You deserve to be happy. And it is huge not having a PTSD trigger. I am happy for you. As for your evaluation I also dont know too much about that. I do hope it goes well. I am crossing my fingers for you. I’ll be think of you. Much love

  11. BriGriffith Volunteer

    Jamie Marie,

    Thank you so much for the update. I’m glad your trip to Pittsburgh helped, and that you were able to spend time with Benjamin. I haven’t ever personally filled out an evaluation for Social Security, so I don’t have any pointers to give, but good luck! You got this! Sending you so much love and light. Let us know how things go, and please continue to keep us updated.

    – Bri

  12. Marissa Day Captain

    Hey Jamie Marie,

    While I can’t give you any advice on how to deal with your evaluation screening, I just wanted to wish you luck. Just be truthful and honest and I’m sure you will get the result you’re looking for. Thanks for keeping us updated on how you’re doing 🙂 Please let us know how the evaluation goes!