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Story or Profile Change Request

As stated in our mission, AVFTI is dedicated to the support of those affected by rape and sexual abuse by offering a safe and compassionate space to share stories and seek help. Everyone has their own journey to healing and our goal is to provide a wide array of services to allow individuals to select based on their need.

If you have told a story in the past or built a profile with us, the form below will allow you to :

  • Edit or Delete a Posted Story
    • Our current technical solution does not allow users to edit or delete their own stories. Our trained team of volunteers can make whatever changes you may want on your behalf.


  • Erase your Profile
    • If you have any questions on what data we store about each user of our site, please visit here. AVFTI is able to erase your profile and all stories belonging to your profile by request. Please note, if this option is selected, your profile will no longer exist and a new one must be created in order to write a new story.