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Stephanie Giorgi is a survivor who was interviewed by Cosmo after she lost her hair due to the stress of her sexual assault. She ended up shaving her head as a way to liberate herself from her assault and the pain of her experiences.

Although she is not a celebrity and is in no way famous, this woman impacted me in a way I cannot explain. I was laying in bed one night when I came across this article. I was looking for something exactly like this, but I didn’t know it. The right words to explain the timing of coming across this article can only be summed up by something almost magical. I quickly found myself reading about her story and re-watching her video over and over and crying.

Hearing her story was almost therapeutic to me and over the past few months, I found myself re-watching her video many times. She’s so incredibly empowering and used her deep pain to reach others like myself in a time of need, making listeners/viewers feel worth something.

Sexual assault can make you feel worthless, can make you feel doubted, can make you feel small and afraid. But knowing that there’s someone out there like her who can be that strong, even after going through what she went through, that’s inspiring. That’s almost healing to me in itself, just hearing her tell me, “I believe you,” was the support and acknowledgement I needed.

It helps to have someone out there speaking out as a point of inspiration to you to remind you that are not alone and that at least for some, it can get better. You don’t have to think of the dark making the light worthwhile, but at least you can see that some people do emerge from the darkness.

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