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Being the youngest in my family, I loved having my older sisters to go to for advice. Having three older sisters was quite the dream, and I’ve always been pretty close to them. We’ve always had the relationship where we could talk to each other about anything. I always thought our relationship would be “normal”.

Our relationship changed my sophomore year of college. A bad situation had brought us all together, but also made us stronger. I revealed to my oldest sister that I believed I had been sexually assaulted. She asked me what had happened and why I believed I had been assaulted, and I told her what happened. Or at least what I remembered happening, even though I couldn’t really remember much since the assault happened when I was about 12 years old. She told me that the same thing happened to her by the same exact family member that had assaulted me. She stayed up with me until I fell asleep that night. She checked in on me everyday, and she still does, to make sure I was okay. She has supported every decision I have made throughout my journey, including when I wanted to tell the rest of my family and best friend. She has made sure to always be available to me whenever I need her.

Eventually finding out that all three of my sisters had been assaulted by the same family member really impacted me. We all try our best to be there for one another, even with living in four different cities. We will have group phone calls to discuss what our attorney has emailed us in regards to our legal case, or just to check up on one another. We have gone through our entire legal battle together. We came together, and we went in together to make our statements as we knew it would be emotional to discuss our assaults in detail.

With having the stress of our legal battle weighing on all our shoulders, everyday we make sure to tell each other that we are always there for each other. Having the support of my sisters through a situation like this is something I would never change. It wasn’t the best circumstance that brought us closer, in the end we rose above and became even stronger than we knew.

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