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We are constantly bombarded with messages of sex. But it still remains a taboo topic. It is something that is used for advertising, but if you mention that you had sex, suddenly that is “TMI”.

Sex as a health topic is always up for debate. Whether you go to a Catholic school where that is not going to be talked about, or abstinence is the main route anyway, sex is talked about as if you are doing something horrible, forbidden and dirty. Your family doesn’t want to know about it, but you must pretend that your parents didn’t do it to have you. It’s there, but it’s something that has a bad connotation.


There, I said it. Many people don’t hear that often. Sex looks different for everyone. Depending on the time you start, how often you do it, what you prefer and who you do it with… you’ll never find sex being the exact same for two people. No matter what you prefer, if it is consensual, there is nothing wrong with it.

You do not need to feel shameful that you had sex, or that you enjoy it, or how you do it. Sex can be a beautiful thing and you have every right to enjoy it. Once you put that shame away, it is liberating to say “Sex is okay!” or “ I am doing nothing wrong by having sex!”

Of course there are plenty of precautions to take when having sex, but the act itself is not anything shameful. It really is okay. I promise. It is apart of our nature. But you can have sex for other reasons than to reproduce. Sex can be something that you enjoy and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

For survivors of assault, it can be very difficult to say “sex is okay!” because at some point, it was not. But survivors, just because you are a survivor, does not mean that you can never find sex enjoying again. Sex is okay. Consensual sex is okay!

So this month, and from now on, remember that having sex is okay. You are not committing a crime by simply having sex. Having sex doesn’t make you a bad person. Sex is okay!

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  1. focus.1968

    You couldn’t say it any better when you said sex can be beautiful.

    In my family it went to the extremes in where you never talked about sex ever to where I learned too much in a short period of time.

    Concerning myself since I was never taught about sex, and I myself became a victim. Questions and confusion plagued my mind after I was assaulted.

    I was worried that I became pregnant, which is impossible since I’m a man.

    To this day I still know very little about sex and it’s sad caused I’ll be 50 in January. And what I do know about sex it’s all negative and taboo.

    I know that sex isn’t supposed to be dirty and anything negative about it, and yet something deep inside is terrified that I’d be laughed at, or worse I may even end up possibly hurting someone I love by my lack of experience, and that isn’t a option ever.

    I can’t help but to think if I knew anything about sex I wouldn’t have all these crazy, scary thoughts.