As an adult I can’t get over that I was sexually abused by my step dad

Hi,I was sexually abused by my step dad for at least three years. I am now a grown man and still struggle to this very day that this happened to me. I hope that writing this will help me start to deal with it. Not sure how this works or how much detail is to be shared. So here goes, from the age of 10 until 13 when he left my mum, my step dad would frequently abuse me. It started as small things and gradually esculated. I dread to think what could have happened if it had carried on. In my early 20s I told my mum, she broke down, was really upset and then it’s never been mentioned since. I felt like I had done a bad thing in telling her and decided things were best left unsaid.

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Episode 80

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episode 79.

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My Story Of Survival

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