It was so long ago, episode 15

We began today by acknowledging that last week was a bad day. I told her that she probably wrote in her notes, that Sue was really crazy today, and she agreed, "yep, that's what I wrote." We laughed. So we talked a little about that. I brought up the thing about her not being a critter person, and she said, that she's not anti-critter, she doesn't have a dog with a circle and a slash through it on her bumper. So I said, "You don't throw poisoned treats at the dog park?" But all kidding aside, I told her I thought about that right at the start, but I figured, I wasn't there for my dogs. But here it is, we're spending time on them. Because that is who I am. I also said that I don't think it is a problem. She asked about how it went with my family, after I left. My sister and her girls were coming to Mom's for her birthday. So we talked about that. My sister's girls are from Guatamala, so they are… Read more  »

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Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset

I lived a pretty innocent life. My mom had me at 16, I was grounded for failing math (multiple times-fuck math). At 18 I moved out of my small town to live with my boyfriend (who I had been dating for a year now-thanks MySpace). A few years later (09) we moved to my hometown… Read more

Update: A little to much to drink

I had shared my story on here back in the beginning of April and all of your kind word and advice really helped me! I was doing really well until my best friend (the one that yelled at me when I disclosed) bought a house with her husband and is having a house warming party…. Read more

I can’t fight anymore and my chapter is coming to an end..

I’m crying but it’s the opposite why I cry my mom was mentally ill and I grew up in the system moved 55 times and ended up with a pimp at 17 for 3 months seeing 350 clients then I got raped 2 times after and all this is in court I was taken from… Read more

It was so long ago, episode 14.

Well, today was a bad day. I lost my oldest bitch. Well, I didn’t lose her, I put her down. She would have been 13 in August. That is old for a German Shepherd Dog. But a little more than a week ago she was trying to climb onto the chair to climb onto the… Read more

Sometimes I think I’m crazy

Late last night I began thinking am I with all my problems the best for my Angel? I love her more than anything else in the world, but something tells me that she deserves so much better. I thought this way before, a long time ago. So yeah I am beginning to think I’m crazy,… Read more

Just another day Pt. 2

I had a terrible night in the first time for nearly 2-3 weeks (I know how awful that sounds). This is a reminder that I have to be more careful who I open up to regarding the rape & my PTSD diagnosis, but i was venting to a “friend” about things, and was being 100%… Read more

Just another day

Hey AVFTI family, I just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I’m back from my mini trip to Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, as I told my mom, getting out of the area did help a little, but my PTSD would follow me anywhere I go. I had a minor breakdown at a milkshake shop, so… Read more


I am a survivor of humen trafficking since 16 to 18 I ended up with my pimp at 17 because at the time I was working independently because I was homeless and Ive been in and out of group care since I was 13 they moved me 50 times and half of those places would… Read more

my last night was ruined follow up

thanks for the all the commnets and support! I am doing a little better but now the problem is that I miss him and our friendship and I feel like maybe i could rekindle our frienship but i don’t know. I just feel like if i do that he is going to think that what… Read more

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