Spanking is Sexual Abuse

I’m having a tough time tonight and I thought I’d finally share my story.It starts when I’m young.  So young I can’t remember.  4, 5, 6 years old?  All I remember was that I was in trouble.  I was in trouble a lot.  But this time was different and it was going to become the start of my personal hell.My parents sent me to my room.  I fumed in there while I waited.  Eventually my father came in looking serious.“Your mother and I have decided it’s time you got stronger punishments than just time out.”  He said.I didn’t know what he meant.“Take off your pants.”  He said.I was surprised and scared.  I told him no.“Take off your pants now!”I did what he wanted.  What else was I supposed to do.  I stood there like an idiot in my shirt and panties, not knowing what was happening.Dad pointed at my panties.“Panties off too.”Reluctantly I pulled my panties down too.  I don’t remember being naked in front of him before.After that he made me crawl onto my bed and he spanked me. … Read more  »

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not really an episode. Just an update, kind of.

Didn’t see anyone yesterday, no one to see.  I still have an appointment, the final appt. with Karen next Saturday.  I am still all over the place with that.  And, I see the new gal tomorrow.  So that has me really nervous too.  Well, not just nervous, anxious and a little excited, and maybe trying… Read more

28 years of denial

It’s taken me 28 years to get therapy for the sexual abuse I experienced as a child. I don’t remember the exact age I was when it started but I know it was off and on until  latest the age of 10. I was abused by my biological dad.  Due to circumstances with my mum… Read more

Kimberly’s Story

Hi I’m Kimberly Groves and I’m a victim of sexual abuse by my grandfather. It started when I was 3 and ended when I was in 8th grade. I’m 32 years old Now and still have the dreams. And don’t talk bout it cuz have no-one that understands how this feels. I wish I had… Read more

Here is your warning

My story starts when I was in college. I was taking a women’s history class. We were in a discussion room with only about 20 students in the room. The professor was talking about the article we were supposed to read last night (I didn’t read it…whoops) and he stated a quote. Now, I don’t… Read more

The predator in the family

Almost three years ago I met my partner although we weren’t yet exclusive,I was very quickly introduced to his friends.One of them being quite a few years older than the rest of us. We were all 18 and he was 24. I thought it to be alittle bit strange from the beginning that a grown… Read more

Episode 57, maybe the last episode for this grouping, maybe one more….

I suppose I can do it likes houses on a street, when you go past a side street you go forward to 101. And the next therapist, 201, and so on.  The worst thing that could happen, happened.   Karen said she doesn’t want to work with me anymore. Of course she did not say… Read more


These past few weeks have been a roller coaster, and this update may be all over the place.  I haven’t heard anything about the report yet. I’m doing okay when it comes to that because I know that was the right thing to do.  In our denomination (Orthodox Christianity), we have special services for Easter,… Read more

It got violent

For the first 6 years of my life I didn’t know my uncle. He was in prison for some type of gang violence and when he got out he stayed with my dad, my dads wife and my little brother in an apartment me and my sister would stay at every other week or sometimes… Read more

My story

TRIGGER WARNING!!!!! So this is my story when i was 12 i was sexually abused by my cousin until i was 18 i didnt say anything until i was about 19 all he kept say was if you don’t do it i will do it to your sister ( my sister is 5 years younger… Read more

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