Can he be saved?

I apologize for all of these recent posts regarding my ex...I just feel I have nowhere else to turn to other than the AVFTI website, and since it's mainly about sexual abuse, not narcisstic. But the psychological abuse is very much alive in my mind, and it's hurting me. Can he be saved? I wasn't trying to play God to him and our relationship, thinking that maybe I can "save" him, but I seriously think about him 24/7 and I'm tempted to reach out to him, but would it be fair to the both of us? No, it wouldn't.  I just hope he'll be okay one way or another, and pray that maybe his new girlfriend will treat him better than I did...I pray he makes it out there with his music, I pray he'll have everlasting love like he wanted with us. Though I'll never get closure, I just pray he's happy, despite the emotional and psychological turmoil.

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