It happened so long ago, episode 22

Hello again, my week is so busy now that this may be a bit crazy or disjointed. I am in this group Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and then I saw Karen on Saturday. I talked a lot about group -- how I feel about it, my experience there, etc. and I can't really say a whole lot here about that. Some things. On Monday I shared with the group that my brother raped me in a pond and tried to kill me. I was still on a high at that point, because I felt good from mid-Saturday to mid-Monday. A couple of the women said I was strong or brave to share the story. It is hard to remember Monday right now. I didn't feel like I shouldn't have shared it though. I did not feel put down, not that I expected to be. I shared it because we were having a family dinner this Saturday (yesterday), and I expected to have some difficulty there, since it would be the first time I really interfaced with that brother since I… Read more  »

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Dear Rapist

Dear Rapist, It feels strange to type those words. Clich√©, I know, but how could this have happened to me? Let me set the scene. I’m a student. If you had of met me on the street, I’d have smiled at you. I was brought up to be kind, inviting and warm. All of which… Read more

my gym teacher

he came up behind me and hit it from the back.

It happens to everyone

I was visiting New York City with my husband’s (very alcoholic) family. We started drinking at lunch at an Irish restaurant. I am no light weight myself but I was getting drunk. We drank at the restaurant, we drank at a nail salon, we drank at the bar next door, we drank at dinner, we… Read more

Falling apart

Almost a year ago now I was assualted by a very close friend. This wasn’t the first time something had happened to me, but this has been the hardest. He knew about all the other times and I trusted him. He was my best friend. And when I opened up and told someone, he was… Read more

my story

I was raped by my stepdad three times. I was too scared and young to do anything. I told a friend what happened and she tried to get me to report it for weeks. I finally had the courage to and told a teacher at my school and after that my life was changed. My… Read more


I was sexually assualted and the R word is my biggest trigger. I told my mom, but she doesn’t seem to care. She said it today and I broke down crying and she said I have to get over it. She told me that ses not going to walk on eggshells for me because it’s… Read more

if you read this, thank you (follow up)

I read the comments that were left on my first post, and I just want to say thank you to everyone who did (and to everyone who read it). I’ve only ever talked to one other person who I knew had been sexually assaulted– and they were in such a bad place that it was… Read more

Yes, In A Church (Update #1)

Thank you so much to everyone who gave me advice and encouragement. Before I said I had the support of family and friends, which is true. I actually didn’t go into full detail, though, so now I will. Immediately after it happened, I texted one of my best friends who live out of state. She… Read more

if you read this, thank you

My father died when I was younger. It happened suddenly, with no warning, and he died internationally. Getting his body back into the country was a nightmare. My mother couldn’t get out of bed for four months. I have two siblings, both younger than me. My father died right before summer vacation started, and with… Read more

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