From a Victim to a Survivor

I was raped at the age of 17 by a friend who I had trusted for years. He picked me up from my house and brought me to the woods to have a few beers; by the time we left those woods my knees were bloody, I had bruises all over my body, and my self-worth was left behind along with the empty beer bottles. He recorded himself assaulting me as if he was a serial killer collecting a trophy from his victim. I was so hurt and confused as to how someone who called themselves my friend could violate me in such a methodical way. Being unequipped to deal with such trauma, I turned to drugs. I thought that if I numbed myself completely, I would be able to cope with what had happened to me. For a while, I lived my life in complete apathy and utter numbness. What I didn't realize, was that I was just pushing my pain to appear on a later date and allowing it to fester in silence over time, leading me to still be… Read more  »

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My journey

My Earliest Memory is my father drugging and raping me. From then until my early teens the adult males on my father’s side did the same. When the abuse wasn’t happening my memory of it was repressed. It still affected me, I was anxious, I have regular panic attacks. I was taught to cope with… Read more

Letting Go of the Victim Role

It was the last weekend before I went off to college. I was at a party like any other party, with the same group of people I always partied with. A couple of Xanax before I started drinking was supposed to do the trick – to sink me into oblivion where I could let loose… Read more

Today sucked

Today was rough. A little bit of backstory, I was sexually abused from the age of 11 to 14 by a close family member, finally got the courage to tell my parents, and then court proceedings took 2 years only to have the guy get off scott free. There was DNA evidence and everything but… Read more

Ninth post

Things have been a little back and forth lately.  I know recovery isnt a straight line, but right now feels like its barely a line at all. Like i swam so far out to see i cant see the shore anymore and i dont know which way to go.  Its not all bad, sometimes i… Read more

My story now… Read my before on my page..

So on January 3rd 2019 I wrote my story! The full story that happened to me and my opinions and overcomes afterwards.. However I still stand by my opinions 100% but my overcomes are a bit shakey.. So the March 3rd 2018 I got sexually assaulted. I thought I overcome it and became a surviver… Read more

Beauty for Ashes

I grew up in a small town, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. McDonough was one of those easy to forget, hard to spot on the map small towns. I was never privy to the finer things in life and I was fortunate to be grateful for all the little things I was blessed to have… Read more

Episode 72. Just a little update.

Thanks to all for the support through this journey.   I saw Angela today.  I did ask her why we are starting with the roughest memory.  She says that we do that because a lot of it will translate to other memories.  It is like if you go to the doctor and have several things… Read more

How my Sexual Trauma led to Drug Addiction

When I was about 13 years old, I lost my virginity to rape at a 4th of July party. I was naive and unaware of my limits in regards to alcohol and drugs, so I binge-drank and took Xanax to the point of blacking out. The next morning, I woke up naked in a bed… Read more

Making Progress

Hello everyone. I haven’t been on here since first writing my story a year ago. ( I used to be scared to look at the comments, scared to accept that I’d actually shared what happened to me with other people. Now that I’ve finally read them, it warms my heart that people took their time to… Read more

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