Nude Picture Blackmail Update 2

I wasn’t sure if I’d post here again but I thought I’d give you an update on things with me.  I want to say that I appreciate all the comments you left for me on my other two stories.  I read every single one.  It really is nice to have a website that I can vent anonymously about these problems.After Asshole sent everyone my nudes my phone and other accounts started blowing up with messages.  Eventually I muted and turned off my phone and dealt with my online social media stuff.  I think I’m going to need to just make new accounts or something.  I was not looking forward to school on Monday.  People treat me like shit because of my body, so I didn’t want to see what people did or said to me after they’ve seen my naked pictures and videos.I didn’t sleep well Sunday night.  I woke up/stopped trying to sleep early Monday morning well before school started.  I got out of bed, the only one awake in my house, and took a shower.  As I dried… Read more  »

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Episode 47.

Karen is out of town.  I saw her on Saturday.  I will see her again on Tuesday.  But I had been going twice a week, and so 10 days is like, forever.  If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, I feel like Pippin.   Gandalf tells him to tell him if he gets… Read more

Fitting inner battles

I was sexually abused as a child by a close relative who was also technically a child. I didn’t know it was really wrong so I intern started doing (as a child) the same to some of my other child relatives. It went on for about two years. As an adult I have a hard… Read more

I Do Have a Voice

My story begins in my mother’s womb in 1965. My mother was pregnant with me when my 9 month old sister died from pneumonia. My mother too my sister’s death hard and shutdown. She wouldn’t discuss her emotions with my father or anyone. She cried and held her emotions to herself. My mother ended up… Read more

Nude Picture Blackmail Update

It’s late at night and yet I can’t sleep.  You’ve all read my previous story and were kind enough to leave me comments for me to read.  I want to thank you for doing that.  I had a lot of anxiety in me then.  I still do now.  So, I thought I’d give you all… Read more

Back to the Beginning

I’ve been holding this in for almost 27 years. At first I didn’t even think about sharing. I blocked this out of my mind as much as possible, disassociating completely with my childhood. I don’t remember much about my childhood, and my memories are pretty much a blur up to 6th grade.  But when I… Read more

I’m Done Being Blackmailed with my Nudes

I don’t really know how best to talk about all this, but I’ve been holding everything inside for too long and I just want to explain everything anonymously.  I need to vent and build up courage to tell my mom what’s happening even though I know she’ll probably get pissed off at me for it. … Read more

I have a question about guilt and blame and shame and all that.

When I am not blaming my mother or my brothers for what happened, I am blaming me.  And I know better.  But I still do it.  I am keeping myself in a depressed state by doing this.  Karen asked me, if I would blame someone if the group if she told of a similar situation,… Read more

Ten years straight

The guy abused me for ten years straight. I escaped from his house after he knocked me out and set his house on fire.  I woke up and dragged myself outta the house and tried to ran to the police station but I couldn’t and I passed out in the yard. I got moved to… Read more

Episode 46, It was so long ago….

I saw Karen today.   I started out asking if we were ok.  She said yes, and asked what I meant/about what.  I said the e-mail.  She said there was one thing she was concerned with.  It was how I said I was being reckless and about the medicine.  Well, we discussed that.  She said… Read more

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