Slowly Breaking

When I posted my first story about my whole past life it felt good at that moment. Knowing that somebody knows the truth and may or may not understand how I feel or what I may be going through... But now I just feel as I felt before... The constant thought lingering through my mind... I want to die..but at the same time I don't... Its just I don't want to be here.. Laying down in my bed thinking about all that is wrong here I already feel dead.... Nonexistent, no care for anything like I use to.. I can't do anything here I miss taking my long walks by myself.. But now I can't bc three friends I cut off last year because one was talking about me behind my back and is a chronic liar, two the other through everyone under the bus so she wouldn't get caught being a hoe by her mom nor her boyfriend, and three which is the sister of the first one just doesn't like me because I was blunt about not wanting… Read more  »

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It was so long ago, episode 5

I was born nearly half a century ago, when there was plenty of stuff going on, but very little acknowledgment for it and worse response to most of it. My mom had a girl friend growing up, who was abused and did tell about it as a child. She was taken from her home and… Read more

To him

How could you? All I wanted was to love you, guard you, protect you, heal you. Why? Why did you hurt me like that? Why couldn’t you have noticed the way I groaned in pain, and not pleasure? Why were you rough with me? Why were you getting angry and impatient with me? Why did… Read more

Uncertain Circumstances

So it’s a bit of a strange story and very tame in comparison to many others I’m sure, but the confusion surrounding this incident has plagued me since it happened. After reading this I would appreciate ya’ll’s opinion, because I’m so unsure as to what objectively happened. So the needed backstory is that when I… Read more

sharing after a long time hiding

Growing up in my church, I crossed paths with a young adult while I was still considered a “youth”. We first interacted when I was 13 and he was 20. Over the next couple years, he would chaperone some of our youth trips, especially those that involved hiking, camping, and the outdoors. As a teenager,… Read more

Most loving respect

The most loving respect, That is the best way to describe the love, and respect we have for each other. In more detail the biggest respect we have for each other is we both know what triggers each other as well as each of our principals we have for each other. Example would be I… Read more

New updates

Hey everyone, it’s Jamie again. Instead of waiting 6+ months for a new therapist, my doctor was able to place me in for an appointment next week with someone new so I can receive better care and treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful I can get proper help, but unfortuantely, my grandparents wrote a… Read more


Hey guys. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I really appreciate it. I got a job at the local grocery store and I’ve been feeling better. I texted the number and it really helped.

I don’t know anymore

I honestly just need to vent to people that have zero background information besides what I tell. Sophomore year of college, I was sexually assaulted by a guy I thought was my friend. Sometimes I feel like it wasn’t and I’m being dramatic, but I was very drunk and I felt really gross about it… Read more


Survivor. That word struggles to come out and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. That word is suppose to be positive but to me it is negative. I am a survivor. A survivor of a rotten act that took a part of me but also helped. When that ugly word leaves my tongue, my… Read more

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