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Jenna Kanell in Terrifier

I met Jenna a year or two ago. I suppose, I’ve never “met” her in the traditional sense, but we started talking a year or so ago. I am a pretty big fan of horror movies, and I was watching one that had come across Netflix: Terrifier. Now listen, before I go further, I need to make sure it’s known that I know there are people who don’t love the horror genre, and that’s totally fine! If you are at all a person who identifies with that statement, I strongly do not recommend Terrifier to you. However, a lot of my friends also enjoy horror movies, and they all very much loved it.

I have an odd habit when watching movies: I look up the actors that I don’t know much or anything about. I don’t know why…maybe everyone does this. When I looked up the actors from this movie, I came across Jenna. I learned about other work she’d done. I saw the beautiful short film she’d made for her brother, Bumblebees, and I saw the talk she gave at TEDxTryon about it. And for some reason, she seemed like a person who might be interested in what we are doing here at AVFTI, so I messaged her. And she messaged back.

Jenna Kanell giving a talk at TEDxTryon in 2016.

From there, we had her on an episode of our podcast, More To The Story, where we discussed the role that violence plays in media – specifically in movies. And she told me about Max & The Monster, a short film she had recently finished and was about to show at varying festivals. It uses dark humor to bring forward a conversation about trauma that everyone can have. It’s only 13 minutes long, but it has so much to say, and we are so honored to have been able to present this with her. Thank you, Jenna, for continuing to use your voice for others!

Max & The Monster from Laser Pigeon Pictures on Vimeo.

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