Family: Support or Lack Thereof

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Family: Support or lack thereof

With the holidays approaching, it’s important to discuss the impact that family can have on a victim. In this episode, we discuss the real experiences of two people who experienced sexual abuse and decided to disclose to their family members. We also examine a study that looks at disclosure to family members and how that process can positively and negatively affect a victim for years to come. If you have a story, did your family support you? If you aren’t a victim, would you know what to do when someone comes forward to you?


More to the Story involves discussions surrounding sexual violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse. Some listeners may find the content disturbing. This podcast may not be suitable for all audiences and listener discretion is advised.


  • Recorded by Jamie Sivrais
  • Research: Heather Glenn-Gunnarson and Bethany Ellen
  • Voices: Jamie Sivrais, Anney Evans and Eric Boggs
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  • Artwork provided by Aaron May at

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