What Can We Do About Child Abuse?

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More to the Story
More to the Story
What Can We Do About Child Abuse?

What Can We Do About Child Abuse?

When we talk about sexual violence as an issue, it is often discussed through the lens of sexual assault of young adults or college students. These conversations are important and we need to have them. But another piece of this discussion is about childhood sexual abuse, and it’s sometimes harder to talk about. So we brought in our friend and advisor Cassie Kingan, MA, LPC, CCPC, CCTP to dive into the problem as a whole, signs of abuse, and what parents can do.

In this episode, Cassie mentions the following children’s books.

It’s Not The Stork by Michael Emberley

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr. by Kristen A. Jenson


More to the Story involves discussions surrounding sexual violence, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. Some listeners may find the content disturbing. This podcast may not be suitable for all audiences and listener discretion is advised.


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