Overcoming Sexual Assault

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Overcoming Sexual Assault

There are many celebrities who have experienced sexual assault and used their elevated status to speak out against their abusers. This episode highlights people who have overcome their trauma in order to help others.


More to the Story involves discussions surrounding sexual violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse. Some listeners may find the content disturbing. This podcast may not be suitable for all audiences and listener discretion is advised.


  • Recorded by Jamie Sivrais
  • Research: Heather Glenn-Gunnarson and Bethany Ellen
  • Voices: Jamie Sivrais, Pinky Anderson and Eric Boggs
  • Music provided by cloudkickermusic.com
  • Artwork provided by Aaron May at aaronbmay.com

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  1. dfor

    Today, is a very emotional and powerful day. My ebook ‘Hide ‘n’ Seek’ is currently available via Amazon.com.

    And although, the subject matter is dark, I am proud nonetheless.

    Because this is my chance to say, “Despite what’s been done to my body and soul, I’ve thrived!”

    I overcame. In other words, I win this war!

    Thank you,

    Dorothea Ford