Rape Kits, the Backlog, and More

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Rape Kits, the Backlog, and More

Rape Kits, the Backlog, and More

We hear the term “rape kit backlog” very frequently in the news. We know it exists, and we know it’s a problem. But what is it, exactly? What does it mean for survivors? And how do we fix it? This month we were joined by Carey Aldridge who works with the Kentucky Attorney General’s office. She serves as the SAKI (Sexual Assault Kit Initiative) Program Coordinator on a cold case unit specifically created to investigate and process all of the untested rape kits in the state of Kentucky. On this episode, she helps us make sense the scope of the problem. And, as someone who has worked diligently to clear Kentucky’s backlog, she offers some great insight into what it takes to work through a backlog, and where to find more information about your state.

See more of the work being done at the Kentucky Attorney General’s office at ag.ky.gov.

Find info about your state Attorney General’s office here.

You can also visit ENDTHEBACKLOG, a program of the Joyful Heart Foundation, that focuses on shining a light on the rape kit backlog in the United States


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