Is Supporting Someone’s Work Supporting Their Actions?

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Is Supporting Someone’s Work Supporting Their Actions?

In this episode, we discuss the ongoing support of celebrities in the sports and entertainment industries who have been accused of rape or sexual assault. Can you separate the work of your favorite football player, your favorite singer or your favorite director from the horrible actions that they have committed? Do you draw a firm line against them and treat all cases similarly? Above all, we remember the victims, who are often overshadowed by the celebrity of their attackers.


More to the Story involves discussions surrounding sexual violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse. Some listeners may find the content disturbing. This podcast may not be suitable for all audiences and listener discretion is advised.


  • Recorded by Jamie Sivrais
  • Research: Heather Glenn-Gunnarson and Bethany Ellen
  • Voices: Jamie Sivrais, Pinky Anderson and Eric Boggs
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