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image1 When we first started in late 2012, we started with seven people in board member positions. After a few months, a few of the original board members gracefully stepped down for various reasons – mainly that as we started to grow, the dedication level needed to run this organization did as well. Exponentially. And as we kept moving forward, we decided to take on one more new person, taking us to five. And this was how we operated for quite some time.

Several months back, our friend Callie also stepped down to pursue her own interests and passions. When she stepped down, we had actually begun to gain even more traction, so rather than just replace her with another person, we decided to take a few months and actually craft positions that were necessary for us. We put out an announcement that we were seeking to fill three positions, taking us back to the original number of seven. And today, we are excited to announce the names of the people who will be filling those roles.

image2 We met Bethany Ellen this year at an event at NKU. She instantly impressed us with her knowledge of the issue of sexual violence and her dedication to spreading compassion to people affected by it. Bethany joined us at AliveFest this year, and showed just how serious she was about spreading hope, love, and positivity. Bethany jumped right into the volunteer team and aligned herself with our cause very quickly. She will be filling the role of public relations specialist, and we are incredibly happy to have her.

image3Anney Evans has been a friend of AVFTI since well before our inception, and has been involved as a volunteer for almost as long as we’ve had the program available. She has been with us at many various events, helping to show strength in numbers in the Cincinnati Pride parade, playing softball to help raise money, and telling a story at one of our Speak Up Saturday storytelling events. She has become a regular contributor to our HopeNotes project, regularly hosting HopeNote writing parties and sharing her favorite ones on social media. Anney will be our event coordinator, and we are thrilled to have her taking a larger role with our team.

image4 Steven Cozad will be coming on as our content specialist. Steven is our longest standing volunteer with over 100 hours served. He is the driving force behind setting up our Home Is Where The Heart Is softball tournament every year, and he has primarily run our Twitter for us for a long time. We love Steven and love his heart and passion for the cause. We can’t wait to see where his talents take him!

Please join us in welcoming the newest additions to the AVFTI Board of Directors!

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