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Meet The Team

AVFTI Board Members

Jamie Sivrais

AVFTI Founder/Executive Director

Communications Coordinator, Women's Crisis Center

Jamie Sivrais founded AVFTI in 2012 and has worked for Women's Crisis Center since 2015. He is passionate about preventing violence, supporting people who have been impacted by it, and shifting the cultural and societal norms that support it. He's a musician, an avid collector of Ninja Turtles, a drinker of (too much) coffee, and he goes all-out to celebrate the Christmas season. Jamie believes storytelling has real power to heal us, to connect us, and to help us better know ourselves.

Eric Boggs

AVFTI Board Chair

Staff Software Engineer, P&G

Eric is a Staff Software Engineer for Procter & Gamble and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran with a passion for technology and social good. In 2012, Eric co-founded A Voice for the Innocent to provide digital tools that help empower victims of sexual violence. As a long time technical instructor, Eric has taught web development principles to over 200 students to increase minority representation in STEM fields.

Lindsey Burns

AVFTI Vice Chair

Clinical Program Manager, Myriad Genetics

Lindsey is a passionate believer in giving back to the community. In December of 2019, she decided that fostering dogs and organizing events for mental health awareness was not enough and joined the AVFTI board. When not working, Lindsey spends her time with her husband and dogs watching bad TV, supporting local breweries, and baking homemade dog treats.

Jacqui Sweeney

AVFTI Volunteer Director

EL Teacher

Jacqui began as the first out-of-state volunteer in 2013 and took over as Volunteer Director in January 2018. She has a M.ED in ESL teaching and is lucky to work with the best kids! You may find Jacqui reading, crafting or taking her dog Julez on walks when she is not working or volunteering for AVFTI.


Shane Hutton

AVFTI Development Committee Chair

Business Development Manager, Avery Dennison

Shane is a graduate from Xavier University where he received both his BA and MBA. He joined the board of AVFTI in December 2019 and focuses on development. Shane is a proud dog dad, Patriots fan, and less proud craft beer glutton.


Cierra Clymer

AVFTI Strategy & Insights Committee Chair

Director of International Business Development, REDI Cincinnati

Cierra Clymer joined the AVFTI board in 2020 and serves on the Strategy & Insights and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committees. Committed to community engagement and improvement, Cierra spends her days working for REDI Cincinnati - a private not-for-profit economic development organization. Cierra is based in Cincinnati, Ohio with her partner, Tony, and their dog, Dallas.


Stephanie Medvetz

AVFTI Board Member

Criminal Justice Analyst

Previously a volunteer crisis counselor with Crisis Text Line, Stephanie joined the AVFTI volunteer team in 2018. Shortly after joining, Stephanie stepped into the role of Day Captain and remained on the executive volunteer team until she joined the AVFTI Board in January 2021. A graduate of Stockton University, Stephanie works in the criminal justice field by day and strives to help others in her free time. Stephanie enjoys crafting, spending time with her fur baby Paxton, and traveling. Stephanie has a dream of visiting all 50 states and all 7 continents.


Stacey Walden

AVFTI Board Member

Director of Public Education & Community Engagement, Women's Crisis Center

Stacey works for the Women's Crisis Center as the Director of Public Education and Community Engagement. Through her position, she is able to work with the Center's college program as well as the rural community, both in the prevention/education services as well as the intervention/direct services. Stacey joined the AVFTI board to help with development, specifically grant writing.


Devin Lally

AVFTI Board Member

Technical Account Management, dunnhumby

Devin is a tech-nerd at heart, dedicating her career to customer-centered data initiatives along with using her skills to assist local non-profits, including her current board position at AVFTI and serving on the Technology Committee. This University of Cincinnati graduate is an outdoor adventurer, spending weekends and vacations outside hiking, biking, and trail running. Devin always looks forward to a weekend off the grid with her partner Luke and rescue dog Kylo.


Alison Kaufman

AVFTI Board Member

Director of Programs, Magnified Giving

Alison believes in the importance of serving and giving back to the community, which has shaped her life's work. As the Director of Programs for a local non-profit organization, she has had the privilege to serve others and support community non-profits. Alison was born and raised in Cincinnati where she now raises her 4 children with her husband.


Natalie Leonhard

AVFTI Board Member

Partner, Isaacson, Miller

Natalie has worked as a recruiter for civic sector executive leadership for over 13 years. She believes deeply in the work of non-profits and their contributions to their various communities. When she's not matching exceptional leaders to mission driven organizations she is riding her Peloton, walking her dog Maybee, and serving as the Cookie Mom to her daughter's Girl Scout Troop.


Destiny Rhodes

AVFTI Board Member

IT Business Analyst, Western & Southern Financial Group

Destiny obtained her Information Systems degree from the University of Cincinnati and is a dedicated technical professional. She enjoys serving her community and learning about new technology. As a Columbus, Ohio native, she also enjoys visiting home and spending time with her family. Destiny joined the board in 2021 and serves on the Technical Committee.


Abigail Morrah-James

AVFTI Board Member

School Counselor

Abby has a M.ED in School Counseling and is an avid learner and lover of life and spiritual healing. She is passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and is committed to improving mental health access in communities of color. She joined the AVFTI board in 2021 after briefly volunteering on the DEI committee. In Abby’s spare time you can find her traveling, cooking, exploring outdoors, or creating new spoken word poetry.


Lisa Buerkley

AVFTI Board Member

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa has worked as CFO for the Ion Center for Violence Prevention for the past 5 years after retiring from state and local government. She joined the AVFTI team in 2021 and will work on the finance committee. She lives in Kentucky and has two grown children in college and a dog at home.

AVFTI Volunteer Leads

Natalie Madl

Day Captain

Clinical Research Coordinator

Natalie joins the AVFTI team from Ohio where she works as a research coordinator full-time. She first joined AVFTI as a volunteer three years ago, and now serves as a Day Captain. Natalie also enjoys serving as an AVFTI mentor where she works with new story volunteers.


Day Captain

Art Director

Kelly has been a volunteer with AVFTI since 2016. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and her dog. Kelly is also a published photographer and loves hiking and camping in her free time.

Alyssa Robbins

Day Captain, Mentorship Program Lead

Video News Editor

Alyssa has been working with AVFTI since August of 2016. She started out as a story volunteer and then quickly became more involved as a Day Captain. Alyssa continues to stay involved in her 5th year with AVFTI because "it is so much fun"!

Julia Mandel

Volunteer Engagement

Director of Agent Experience, Future Lawyer

Julia works behind the scenes for AVFTI, ensuring volunteers (the most important part of AVFTI) are recognized for their hard work. She also keeps track of responses to stories so that volunteer prizes can be sent out! She is passionate about helping the underdog, which is why she is studying to become a lawyer. Most of Julia's time is spent with her dog, reading, or going to concerts.

Delaney Stahley

Volunteer Coordinator

Outreach Coordinator

Delaney has been the volunteer coordinator since 2019. When she isn't working on AVFTi, she loves music, writing, and playing with her dogs. Delaney also does outreach for another local organization that provides services for sexual assault victims.

Ashley Garcia

Day Captain

Ashley first became a volunteer with AVFTI in May of 2017 and by February of 2018 became a Day Captain and has been one ever since. Prior to AVFTI, she also volunteered for two crisis centers and worked with children. Along with her volunteer roles, Ashley has a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Kristin Adriana

Day Captain, Event Committee

Kristin has been a member with AVFTI since 2018 and soon became day captain and joined various committee. When she is not volunteering for AVFTI she is busy getting her bachelors in social work, going to shows, jiu-jitsu practice, spending time with her boyfriend and volunteering at her local abuse and rape shelter.


Day Captain

Along with being a day captain at AVFTI, Zelda is also a full-time student, dog mom, and Navy wife. Her goal is to either be a human rights lawyer, social worker, or a lobbyist for change.

Leah C.

Day Captain

Leah started volunteering in December 2017 and became a Day Captain in 2019. She feels she found her voice by sharing on AVFTI and is passionate about validating survivors and helping people feel less alone. Outside of AVFTI, Leah's hobbies are writing, reading, cooking, and listening to music and podcasts.