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The lyrics of contemporary Christian bands don’t always reach people outside of the belief about which they sing. Some people of varying faiths or no faith at all may not always relate to songs about Christianity, worship, or Jesus. A Voice For The Innocent, as an entity, has not and will not choose a particular religious stance for a couple reasons. Those of us who make up AVFTI all have differing beliefs spiritually, and we don’t really see a need to put a religious label on an organization that helps solve a problem that isn’t bound by religious titles and labels. With that said, we all agree on one very strong and true idea – that with the love and support of those around us, we can overcome all obstacles.

Click to visit David Lessing and the Great Xchange on Facebook!
Click to visit David Lessing and the Great Xchange on Facebook!

David Lessing and the Great Xchange is a contemporary Christian band who wrote the song ‘Love Is Here’, and the lyrics of the song perfectly capture that message which we so passionately believe. With a sound resembling Coldplay, The Fray, or contemporary Christian bands such as The Hillsong United and Blessid Union of Souls (which makes sense, as David Lessing plays keys and sings for Blessid Union), The Great Xchange has written a song for us that is not only catchy and melodic, but helps remind us that hope, love, and faith can literally save lives.

Their track is available on the Voices compilation, available for preorder for only $8. Order your copy today and save $2. Until then, take a listen to the song, read the lyrics below, and let us know what you think. You can also revisit songs we have released by The Rose Hill and Daniel in Stereo. And as always, if you don’t have any extra money to order the compilation now, please help us by helping spread our message. Share these songs and like us on Facebook.



Love Is Here lyrics by David Lessing

Hope, where did you go?
It’s been so long
Grace, my dearest friend
I need you now
But love, it paid the price, it saved my life
It won it all

Now hope is here
And grace is found
Love has come
And chains are falling to the ground
Let faith arise
And mercy flow
Love is here and love is now

Love, it paid the price
It saved the life, of everyone

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