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Today’s track is ‘Innocents’ by All My Friends are Dead. AMFAD is a melodic hardcore band with a positive message. The lyrics to this track are defiant and hopeful, at once admonishing an attacker that they will never get away with what they’ve done, as well as offering hope to those affected by this terrible crime.

Its hard to think of a more fitting articulation of our message than the vocals at the end of the song; a chorus of voices declaring “we are forever innocent.”

You can listen to the song and read the lyrics below. Let us know what you think in the comments, too! And if you like what you hear, or just want to help support A Voice For The Innocent we have the Voices compilation for sale for only $8 for a limited time only! Pre-order and save, because after the official release the prices goes up to $10! If you don’t have the cash to spare right now, that’s cool, you can still help by sharing these songs with your friends and family, and by liking us on Facebook.

Innocents lyrics by All My Friends Are Dead

You think you ruined me!

I want to make it clear
That I won’t forget your face
That you wont get away with all you taken from my life
This is not what you intended
You thought you would crush me!
You created a monster
And this is burning inside of me!

Don’t try and run
Now I have you where I want you
I’ve been locked away for too long
Trying to solve all of this
It all went wrong
I don’t know anymore
Feeling this doubt
I’m not worth anything
Just nothing
You know you mean everything to me

This is not something I can say easily
But honestly I have to face my fear
I won’t be a coward
No I won’t be afraid anymore more
They won’t run from fear
Gather the voices
They won’t run from fear
They won’t be silenced
They won’t be silenced!
They won’t be silenced!

Did you think we wouldn’t find you?
Did you really think you could hide?
Now we see your face
You know you have no hold on us!

We won’t run from fear
Gather our voices
We won’t run from fear
Gather our voices
We won’t be silenced!

Don’t be swallowed by fear
Know that you are loved.
Know that you can always overcome.
You are never alone
We won’t be silenced!
Someone is always ready to hear you
You don’t have to face this alone
I will never turn my back on you
I don’t want to see you cave in
We won’t be silenced!
So always remember we are here
We are forever innocent
We are forever innocent


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