Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse:
Practical Self-help For Adults Who Were Sexually
Abused As Children
Carolyn Ainscough and Kay Toon
The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult
Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Dan B. Allender
Resurrection After Rape: A Guide to
Transforming From Victim to Survivor
Matt Atkinson
The Courage to Heal 4e: A Guide For Women Survivors of Child Sexual AbuseEllen Bass and Laura Davis
Hush: Moving From Silence to Healing
After Childhood Sexual Abuse
Nicole Braddock Bromley
Against Our Will: Men, Women, and RapeSusan Brownmiller
Why Me?Sarah Burleton
Child Molestation Stories: Voices of
Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (Molestation, Rape
and Incest)
Lynn Daugherty
Whenever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth,
Authenticity, and the Perfect Knuckleball
R.A. Dickey with Wayne Coffey
Invisible Girls: The Truth About Sexual
Dr. Patti Feuereisen Ph.D and Caroline Pincus
Playing With FireTheo Fleury with Kirstie McLellan Day
Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your
Life After Boyhood Sexual Abuse
Richard B. Gartner
What Child Sexual Abuse Means to AbusersJane F. Gilgun Ph.D LICSW
Please Tell: A Child's Story About
Sexual Abuse
I Said No! A Kid-to-Kid Guide to Keeping
Your Private Part Private
Kimberly King and Sue Rama
The Right Touch: A Read-Aloud Story to
Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
Sandy Kleven and Jody Bergsma
Daddy's GirlCheri Lane
The Truth About RapeTeresa M. Lauer MALMHC
Revocering From RapeLinda E. Ledray
Stolen Tomorrows: Understanding and
Treating Women's Childhood Abuse
Steven Levenkron
The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide For
Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Wendy Maltz
The Rape Recovery Handbook: Step-by-Step Help for Survivors of Sexual AssaultAphrodite Matsakis Ph.D
How Long Does It Hurt: A Guide to
Recovering from Incest and Sexual Abuse for
Teenagers, Their Friends, and Their Families
Cynthia L. Mather, Judy Wood, Eliana Gil, and
Kristina E. Debye
When the Piano Stops: A Memoir of
Healing from Sexual Abuse
Catherine McCall
Finding Sunshine After the Storm: A
Workbook For Children Healing from Sexual Abuse
Sharon A. McGee LMFT and Curtis Holmes Ph.D
Repair For Kids: A Children's Program
for Recovery from Incest and Childhood Sexual
Marjorie McKinnon
The Girl Nobody Wants – A Shocking True Story of Child Abuse in IrelandLilly O'Brien
A Child Called “It”: One Child's Courage
to Survive
Dave Pelzer
Help Yourself style='mso-spacerun:yes'>Dave Pelzer
Help Yourself For Teens: Real-Life
Advice for Real-Life Challenges
Dave Pelzer
The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search
for the Love of a Family
Dave Pelzer
A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and style='display:none'> ForgivenessDave Pelzer
Moving Forward: Taking the Lead in Your
Dave Pelzer
My StoryDave Pelzer
The Privilege of Youth: A Teenager's
Dave Pelzer
A Brother's Journey: Surviving a
Childhood of Abuse
Richard B. Pelzer
After Silence: My Journey
Nancy Venable Raine
Just A GirlSarah Reid
The River of Forgetting: A Memoir of
Healing From Sexual Abuse
Jane Rowan
I Never Called It Rape: The Ms. Report
on Recognizing, Fighting and Surviving Date and
Aquaintance Rape
Robin Warsaw
Boxes of Secrets (A Gripping True
Account of Overwhelming Sexual Abuse in a
“perfect” Christian Home)
Veronica K. Wright