Find Help

Part of what we try and offer is a means to not only take your first step of telling your story, but also to further your recovery. We have compiled a list of resources in many different areas you may find useful. We are always updating these lists to ensure there are as many resources available to you as possible. Here, you will find a list of hotlines, counselors, abuse centers, law enforcement, and even books and literature that will help you further understand the struggles that come along with enduring a sexual assault.


Links and contact information for organizations in each state that provide resources for Sexual Assault Survivors.


We’ve compiled a list of books written on the topic of sexual violence or abuse. Some books are biographical in nature while others are focused on self help.


If you or someone you know is searching for counseling we list both online and in-person organizations, some of which offer free services.


A hotline is a phone number that anyone can call to get help with problems for issues from sexual violence or abuse to depression or suicidal thoughts.

Misc. Links

These are links to other material and resources related to sexual assault survivors, such as information on laws, forums, legal help, etc.


It’s okay if you did not go to the police immediately – it’s not too late to report if you decide you want to. We provided non-emergency police contact information for each state you can utilize to report assault if and when you feel comfortable doing so.

Do you know of a great resource that may help people but we don’t have listed? Please tell us about it. Anything that may be of use to someone else is always worth mentioning.