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A New Year has just begun, allowing us to hit the reset button for all those things we have put on hold or forgot about. One of the most forgotten priorities especially coming out of the holidays is self-care.

If you are like me you have indulged in the comfort of the holiday sweets and treats. The start of a new year usually means creating resolutions and while the idea of making a firm decision to do or not to do something can be empowering it can also seem like a lot of pressure for one person. One of the best pieces of advice I was given a few years back is to set personal goals instead of resolutions. The idea is to create goals that are attainable and rewarding to your interests. While the idea of creating goals can be considered self-care in itself I suggest making at least one goal primarily focused on healthy self-care.

As the standard definition for self-care is “care” provided for you by you, some positive attainable self-care goals that would be great to start for the New Year could be anywhere from kickboxing to cross stitching. While they are very different activities they both benefit you by making designated time for yourself.

Exercise is always the most suggested form of self-care. If you are already a frequent gym goer try taking a class that you haven’t tried before, something that you can look forward to and feel good doing it. Sometimes gyms can be expensive but now there are so many more pop up yoga classes either free or donation based. You can also check your local community center for inexpensive classes to join.

Setting a list of books you want to read for the year is also a great way to set out personal time for yourself. For me there is nothing better than completing a book. Try switching up the genres, fiction or non-fiction, ask friends what some of their favorite books are, make a list and conquer it.

Did you ever want to try printmaking, pottery, cooking classes, crafting your own beer or maybe orienteering (which if you didn’t know is a group sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain.) Something new that you may have never had the chance to do or something you have never heard of that may seem interesting to try. In the world with Groupon, city sports leagues, pop up craft events and Pinterest there are unlimited potentials to jump in on a do something self-rewarding by starting a new hobby.

What about setting aside five minutes or more for just you, to re-center and really just readjust when you need that extra you time. One of the best apps I have ever downloaded was Headspace: an app to assist you with daily meditation. This app allows you to do it while on the go, at home or even at work when you need that two minute break. Meditation can show a decrease in stress and anxiety while also increasing cognition. It also has the benefit of getting a good night rest which sometimes when you need it is the best self-care of them all.

This is just a handful of potential ideas for you to consider when making self-care a goal for your New Year and hopefully every year after.  Establishing a healthy self-care initiative is not selfish as you have read in our previous blog post, it very much needed. So let’s welcome the New Year and welcome many new endeavors for you to conquer.

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