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Song: Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad 10

Artist: Blessthefall

Album: His Last Walk

Release date: April 10, 2007

Why this song was chosen: This is a pretty simple song with a clear, straightforward message. The message is in the title. We couldn’t think of a better song to end our Every Day In May Campaign. Put simply, this song is a call to action for guys who are taking advantage of girls in a sexual nature to stop. Simply quit. Because the guys who are raping and abusing girls are giving the rest of us a bad name. And not to mention, these girls who are being abused are people. Not objects. This song is a solid reminder that along with urging men to stop raping women, we must also be compassionate and help victims of abuse through their recovery. The last line of the song is “Oh God please help us, get her out of this”. I love this. So often we hear the generic statement “I will pray for you”. While it is often said from a good place, it is actually hurtful and damaging at times. But this line is saying essentially ‘help us help her’. I don’t mind prayer. But I prefer it when it is accompanied with action. That’s why that last line hits home for me.

What the artist has to say about the song: Unfortunately, former Blessthefall vocalist, Craig Mabbitt, left the band right around the time that this album was released. Since he joined another well-known metalcore band very soon after, most interviews with him from around this time discuss his new band, and not a song he wrote in his old one. That doesn’t change the message of the song though, or it’s validity.

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Possible trigger warning. As with all of the content we post, the songs in the Every Day In May campaign should be listened to at your own discretion. Some may make you feel uplifted and others may make you feel angry, disturbed, or disgusted. The songs should also be considered not safe for work.

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