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Song: An Ancient Inherited Shame 12

Artist: Dark Angel

Album: Time Does Not Heal

Release date: February 19, 1991

Why this song was chosen: Although sung by a male vocalist, this song is written about rape from a female’s point of view. The lyrics can be a bit hard to read/listen to at times, but for the most part, the speak of the mental anguish that comes after being raped. This 9 minute song has a lot of lyrics to take in, but my absolute favorite line is the very last one. After loads and loads of lyrics about feeling ruined and taken over violently, he ends the song with “But you haven’t conquered my soul.”

What the artist has to say about the song: Thrash metal bands are often notorious for their harsh, vulgar, and explicit lyrics. Dark Angel is no different. In an interview with Voices From The Darkside, frontman and lyricist Ron Rinehart was asked if they ever got any pushback from fans or their label about their lyrics. Rinehart responded “Not too much but like for instance we had a song ‘An Ancient Inherited Shame’ and that song was written about rape from the woman’s standpoint and, you know I thought it was gonna catch lots of shit from women about that like ‘How dare you write about something I had to go through?’ and stuff but I got so many letters and stuff like that, the label got so many like letters to us and stuff saying like ‘Whoa! How did you know? How did you capture that?’ you know. (Source: Voices From The Darkside)

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