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Song: Wash Away Those Years 6

Artist: Creed

Album: Human Clay

Release date: September 28, 1999

Why this song was chosen: This song speaks very plainly not only about the pain inherent to being raped or abused, but it also speaks of healing, which is what we’re all about. One of the biggest problems in our culture as it pertains to the topic of sex crimes is the fact that so few are willing to even talk about the subject, let alone do anything about it. At the time this song was released, Creed was one of the biggest bands in music, and having a band of their size speak on the subject was a boon to the conversation about rape in society. The hurt suffered by his friend isn’t couched in metaphor. He speaks the truth in two very poignant lines when he sings “I know this decadence is shared by millions. Remember you’re not alone.” Those two things are at the heart of our message. This problem is far more prevalent than most realize, and there IS hope for those affected

What the artist has to say about the song: Vocalist Scott Stapp wrote this song for a friend of his who was raped.  He received much praise from groups who deal with the topic of rape for being willing to speak out on the subject.

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