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Song: Gratitude Ani Difranco - Not So Soft - Front

Artist: Ani DiFranco

Album: Not So Soft

Release date: November 1, 1991

Why this song was chosen: This song was picked because I think it holds a very important place in this lineup. This song isn’t necessarily about rape. It possibly is, but it isn’t spelled out the way that many of the other songs are. However, this is still important in terms of how women are often treated. The song spells out a series of things that a man did for the woman who is singing. She gives examples of taking her in when she had nowhere else to go, giving her gas fare, and giving her a bed to sleep in. She then makes it apparent that he is insinuating that he’d like sex in return. She reminds him that as grateful as she is for all that he did, that her body has nothing to do with her gratitude.

What the artist has to say about the song: I was unable to find anything she said about this sing speficically, however Ani DiFranco is extremely involved in social activism and writes many of her songs about social issues. On July 21, 2006, DiFranco received the “Woman of Courage Award” at the National Organization for Women (NOW) Conference and Young Feminist Summit in Albany, New York. (Source: Wikipedia)

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