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Song: Unspoken Request

Artist: Boy Sets Fire Boy Sets Fire - After The Eulogy - Front

Album: After The Eulogy

Release date: July 21, 2000

Why this song was chosen: Boysetsfire has a lead singer who is openly gay and a very active with political and social movements. Many of his songs discuss varying social injustices, so it’s not a big surprise to hear that the band has a song about rape. Unspoken Request is written as a hope of pleading with the sexual assailant and asking them to examine and reevaluate what they are doing. The end of the song repeats the lyrics “He will never think he’s wrong, She will never feel quite right”.

What the artist has to say about the song: Not much can be found as far as what Boysetsfire has to say about this or any other of their songs. I did find an article/interview written about BSF, and the interviewer asked Nathan Gray if anyone had ever thanked him for speaking up. This is what she wrote: “During my interview with BSF I was able to ask Nathan if anyone had ever thanked him personally, or out’d themselves to him. To be honest he didn’t have much to say, and wasn’t very interested in the topic. I don’t think Nathan thinks of it as a big deal… He would much rather talk about the band’s political views. He did have to say that yes, some people have come up to him and talked about it, ‘but mostly those kids just want to come up and say hi, not really want to broach the topic’.” (Source: Dilate World)

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