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Song: Fee Fi Fo cran

Artist: The Cranberries

Album: Bury The Hatchet

Release date: April 19, 1999

Why this song was chosen: In the classic fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack is being chased by a giant that begins his chant with “Fee fi fo fum”. This song title is pulled directly from this fairy tale, as a metaphor of a child being pursued by a larger character with malicious intent. Sung to the perpetrator, the song asks in many ways “How could you get satisfaction rom the body of a child?
You’re vile, sick.”

What the artist has to say about the song: Singer Delores O’Riordan said on their official Russian site “That song is about child abuse, and when you listen to it, you hear that kind of fear. This child is being abused by a man, and the man is not going away. When I write a song like that, I try to put real feelings and fears that are part of this topic in there. So there’s darkness, which is such a beautiful vulnerability. Then there’s the anger of the person who’s singing the song. Child abuse, and the brutality of the rape of a child.” (Source: the-cranberries.ru)

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