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Song: Chalet Lines belle

Artist: Belle and Sebastian

Album: Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Line A Peasant

Release date: June 6, 2000

Why this song was chosen: This song is a melancholic depiction of a girl telling her friend that she has just been raped, but sung with the male voice of Belle and Sebastian’s frontman, Stuart Murdoch. I very much appreciate this song because of how scattered the lyrics are, akin to the thoughts of a person who has just been sexually assaulted. Despite the fact that this song isn’t about Murdoch himself, and not even about a male, I think that the band captures much of the emotion very well in this 2 and a half minute song. They even mention getting legal help, saying “She asks me why I don’t tell the law. Oh, what’s the fucking point at all?” This short song captures the feelings of depression, helplessness, and violation, most perfectly illustrated in the line “He raped me in the chalet lines. I had just said no for the final time”

What the artist has to say about the song: While it’s difficult to find much that Stuart Murdoch has said about this song, he did tell Uncut Magazine in an interview that “it’s from a female perspective. I knew I was on shaky ground talking about something so brutal and personal.” (Source: Songfacts)

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