Victims’ Assistance Services

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At Victims Assistance Services (VAS), a program within the Westchester Community Opportunity Program, it is our belief that through education, advocacy, and the raising of public awareness, we can over time alter the cultural context that allows interpersonal violence to flourish, mitigate the shame-inducing stigma of victimization, and provide former victims the opportunity to regain a sense of dignity and wholeness.

VAS provides free, comprehensive and compassionate services to crime victims and their families, friends and loved ones. VAS also works to end violence through community action, public policy and culture change, and through prevention education programs in schools and in other community venues. All services are free and confidential, and close to half of our staff are Spanish speaking and culturally informed.

Site locations: Elmsford, Peekskill, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and White Plains


Elmsford, New York 10523
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Last updated on April 19, 2020