Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center

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The Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center is committed to providing culturally responsive support and services to survivors of sexual assault and their families and to providing community education to achieve awareness and the prevention of all forms of sexual violence.
Our services are FREE of charge and are confidential

The Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center is based on the belief that every individual has the right to control their own body and life, and to live free from violence and fear.

The organization supports a survivor’s autonomy in decisions and assists in exploring choices while working through trauma.

The organization believes that through education, the community can become more sensitive, aware, supportive and accepting of an individual’s right to be safe and in control of their life.

The organization is committed to eliminating exploitation in human relationships, reducing the stigma of victims, and emphasizing the value of each human life.

1845 Chicago Avenue
Suite A
Riverside, California 92507
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Last updated on April 18, 2020