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Each year, Dove House Advocacy Services of Jefferson County helps more than 475 victims of crime transition to safer lives. The private nonprofit corporation is Jefferson County's sole provider of free and confidential services to victims of all crimes, including family and sexual violence.
A trained Victim Advocate can assist you in understanding and coping with the trauma and the long-term aftermath of victimization. Police reports and citizenship are not requirements for services. All of our Advocacy Services are FREE and Confidential. An advocate is available to help with:
Homicide, Burglary, Robbery, Assault, DUI and Distracted Driving related assaults, Identity Theft, Hate Crime, All Human Trafficking, Gang Violence, Arson, Invasion, Elder Abuse, Adult Missing Persons where foul play is suspected, Support for Non-Offending Parents, Family Violence, and Sexual Assault. Dove House is here to help people build safer lives.
At Dove House Advocacy Services, we envision a community that is safe and free of violence. Our mission at Dove House Advocacy Services is to empower victims of crime and abuse in Jefferson County through education, advocacy and crisis intervention. We provide free, confidential crisis intervention and advocacy services‚Äč to crime victims in Jefferson County, WA including survivors of domestic and sexual violence, fraud, and elder abuse Confidentiality is a key component of safety. We encourage self determination when developing safety plans. Dove House is a registered provider of emergency shelter, advocacy, and therapy services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Port Townsend, Washington
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Last updated on June 7, 2020