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ACCESS provides FREE and CONFIDENTIAL support to victims of sexual abuse. ACCESS understands that an experience of sexual abuse is highly personal. Therefore, any victim may want to take time considering all options for service, and make the choices that best meet her/his comfort level. Our 24-hour crisis line: 1-800-203-3488; Reach out for a victim, friend, family or for support. Our trained advocates are ready to help discuss options for their immediate safety and wellbeing. Response: In-person, 24/7 response to victim in need, such as when reporting sexual abuse to law enforcement or a medical provider, or to another location where a victim is seeking help. Criminal Justice Advocacy: support to a victim as she/he reports a crime, or is involved in later proceedings relating to the crime such as meetings with attorneys or court hearings. Systems Advocacy: assistance to a victim in seeking help from, or explaining needs to systems such as a workplace, to a medical or counseling provider, or to a school/ university. Community education and training: ACCESS is prepared to help all community members engage in the fight against sexual abuse. By working to enhance the community's awareness and educating community members on professional skills, we increase protections for victims.


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Last updated on December 22, 2019