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The past two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to get to travel with AVFTI to AliveFest, a Christian Music Festival in Mineral City, Ohio. This has always been a really impactful event for us at AVFTI and we always manage to meet great friends. Two years ago we met Heather Morris, an author and artist who wanted to make a difference with the things she created. Heather is the author of Niteo, a brand new book series highlighting the story of Cassie Flynn.

Photo courtesy Amazon
Photo courtesy Amazon

This book is intensely emotional and can be very personal for survivors of sexual assault or abuse. Cassie is a young woman who survives sexual abuse from her stepfather. She finally fights to put him behind bars for his crimes, and it’s not easy. All this time, Cassie has just wanted to be normal.

The trial takes up a great portion of the book, and it’s a grueling process. You feel for Cassie as she has to endure the pain all over again. She often feels alone and scared and Heather writes in a way that you feel Cassie’s pain alongside her.

Cassie gets taken to a society called Niteo, in which people who have spiritual gifts use them for faith and healing. She finds this society has been there in the trial this whole time.

We have spoken all through November about dealing with sexual abuse from a family member. We know that people are more likely to receive abuse from someone they know. We know that a community of support is extremely important, and we know that together talking about what happened helps us heal.

I cannot thank Heather enough for letting me buy this book. Jamie and I both read the book and as survivors we related to the pains Cassie felt. The book may be fantasy, but she wrote a very realistic depiction of what happens to a survivor as they learn to navigate this incredibly scary world after experiencing a crime like sexual abuse.

If you want to buy Heather’s book, it’s available on Amazon. It is now a series of multiple books!

Shop Amazon Smile and support AVFTI and Heather at the same time!

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