• The Receiving End

    My mom was gracious enough to write about her perspective as a parent whose child...

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  • Expanding Legal Remedies for Survivors

    A new law passed in 2006 gives victims of childhood sexual abuse longer to file...

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  • Keeping Secrets

    “Secrets are generally terrible. Beauty is not hidden–only ugliness and deformity.” ~ L.M. Montgomery After...

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  • Victim or Survivor?

    The language we use in talking about sex abuse is so very important.  Words shape...

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  • A Victim of Rape Culture

    Yesterday, we had a very successful fundraiser at Wendy’s in Forest Park. We met a lot of people, saw some older friends, and had a great time and were able to raise the money needed for some events we have approaching. We had promoted the event heavily online, and were humbled to have so many... Read more   Read More

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  • A new take on blame and forgiveness

    This morning, I attended a workshop which was held by Connections: A Safe Place. The bulk of the well-attended seminar was taught by Rebecca Born, one of the two driving forces behind Connections. She is a licensed therapist, and has been working with sex abuse victims for over 15 years. On top of being compassionate... Read more   Read More

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  • What is rape?

    Whether mentioned in an offhanded joke or the subject of a news headline, the word “rape” is familiar to most. According to the US Department of Justice, roughly 207,754 people are victims of rape, also known as sexual assault, every year—that equates to a rape occurring nearly every 2 minutes—in the United States alone. Considering... Read more   Read More

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  • We’ve been silent – not inactive!

    Hello everyone! I wanted to give an update as to what we have been doing. Since our primary announcement of what this organization was all about, we have been doing a lot of work in behind-the-scenes planning. This means that we haven’t been as vocal as we were in the beginning, or as we will... Read more   Read More

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