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A Voice For The Innocent entered into a partnership with Crisis Text Line in 2017. One of the primary services we provide is a connection to external resources for people who have been hurt by sexual violence. Crisis Text Line is a wonderful service for people who would like to text with a Crisis Counselor. It is free, confidential, and available 24/7. We frequently recommend their services to survivors who share their stories anonymously on our site.

Today, the Crisis Text Line board voted to terminate the founder and CEO, Nancy Lublin, after many staff members staged a virtual walkout after sharing their experiences of years of inappropriate conduct and behavior displayed by the organization’s leadership, including Lublin.

Much like AVFTI, Crisis Text Line’s heartbeat is provided by the selfless, compassionate, and dedicated volunteers who receive training and give their time to help people in need. We want to make sure it is known that we unequivocally stand with the staff and volunteers of Crisis Text Line. We are happy to see that their board is taking the steps to ensure that their staff and volunteers are heard and able to fulfill their duties in a safe, professional environment. Their services are still available, and we still recommend them to those who need their services. Even throughout the changes that are occurring within their organization, they are still ensuring that they are available to help those who reach out to them.

If you need help through Crisis Text Line, please know that you can still reach out. Text VOICE to 741741 to speak with a Crisis Counselor. They are still very much available to you.

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