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What have you done for YOU today? There are so many things we don’t even think about that we can do for ourselves when we aren’t feeling so great. Whether it’s just been “one of those days” or maybe something triggered some negative emotion, we have got to remember to take care of ourselves. When life is hectic, self-care can often fall by the wayside. Here are just a few things that don’t cost anything that could be an essential day-brightener.

Got a pen? Write a nice note to yourself for later and put it someplace you know you’ll find it at an unexpected time.

Got internet? Check out some free yoga/meditation videos.  If yoga isn’t your thing- cat videos. ALWAYS cat videos.

You’ll probably roll your eyes at this one, but TAKE A WALK. For real though, channel some energy by taking a stroll or run if you prefer. Huffington post wrote an article about the many benefits of walking. It can put your brain in a meditative state, reduces stress, and boosts stress-busting endorphins. Also, walking with friends has even more stress-relieving benefits. It boosts energy and reduces fatigue. Those all seem like awesome perks to me!

Lists. I love lists. Lists make me happy. It can be a grocery list or a list of reasons you are awesome. A list of the people you love. A list of the worst Game of Thrones deaths that left you a blubbering mess.



Take a photo walk through the city or a park.

MUSIC heals many things. Have a dance party with yourself at home or in the car.

A few more that definitely aren’t things that immediately come to mind, but can absolutely be helpful:

Set limits for yourself.

Ask for what you need.

Simplify your day/week/month

Wake up naturally without an alarm clock

Listen to your breathing.


“Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire.” -Amy Ippoliti

Today I’m going to reach out to a few friends I haven’t talked to in a while. What will you do to treat yourself today?

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