2014 Finances

2014 Income Breakdown

Total Income = $12,441.44

Individual Donations

Any monetary donation made by an individual, anonymously or otherwise. This includes money donated through crowdfunding campaigns, money donated in our donation jar at events, or donations made through our website, PayPal, online store, or otherwise.

Business Contributions

Any monetary donations made by a business or corporation. This includes businesses who donate to crowdfunding campaigns, money made and donated by a business at an event they’ve held specifically for the benefit of AVFTI, or sponsorships.

Merchandise Sales

The sale of any of the variety of products (tee shirts, stickers, buttons, etc.) available either at our table/display at any of our events or available for purchase on our online store.

2014 Expenses Breakdown

Total Expenses = $10,295.59


Expenses related to rent, web hosting, insurance, and salary.

General Operations

Expenses related to supplies, materials, and travel.


Expenses related to financial charges and contract services.

Ad & Marketing

Expenses related to printing, advertising, and fundraising.


Expenses related to inventory.