2012 Finances


Click here to view our 990-N filing for 2012.

Merchandise Sales:
The sale of any of the variety of products (tee shirts, stickers, buttons, etc.) available either at our table/display at any of our events, or available for purchase on our online store.

Business Contributions: Any monetary donations made by a business or corporation. This includes businesses who donate to crowdfunding campaigns, money made and donated by a business at an event they’ve held specifically for the benefit of AVFTI, or sponsorships.

Individual Donations: Any monetary donation made by an individual, anonymously or otherwise. This includes money donated through crowdfunding campaigns, money donated in our donation jar at events, or donations made through our website, PayPal, online store, or otherwise.

Legal: This category includes any state sales taxes we pay, any fees included with filing paperwork, or any fees associates with seeking out legal consultation and/or attorney retainers.

Postage & Delivery: Costs included with shipping our literature to those who request it, shipping purchases from our online store, or mailing supplies to volunteers and/or events in other areas.

Inventory: Costs included with the design and printing of merchandise (tee shirts, stickers, buttons, etc.).

Printing & Reproduction: Any charges included in printing or copying our literature or other materials.

Materials & Supplies: Any costs associated with various non-specific materials we may need for events, office supplies, inventory management, or any other miscellaneous, one time expenses.

Contract Services: Any charges included with agreements between AVFTI and another party. Contract services includes our internet and energy bills at our office, vendor fees associated with setting up at various events, or fees included with sponsoring various events.

Food & Beverage: Any costs involved with buying the occasional food for a volunteer appreciation party or treating a potential partner or associate to a business meal.