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This entire month we have dedicated to self-care, that must mean we think it is pretty important, right? Right! But, we have dedicated the month of January to Self Care not only because it is important, but because it isn’t always easy.

We live in a society where being busy is glorified. It is an unspoken contest. Who has more to do? Who can do the most? Who can get the least amount of sleep? It’s a contest alright, but it isn’t a healthy one.

Don’t get me wrong, being busy can be great! It can help keep your mind off of things, and you can feel very productive. But there becomes a point where you need to look at what you need.

Somewhere between working an absurd amount of hours, volunteering, going to the gym, seeing our friends and family….we have forgotten to take care of ourselves. Somehow, taking time for ourselves in our busy schedules seems selfish. We think of all the things we could be doing, while we take that one hour a day to do what we truly want to be doing.

Our lives are constantly shown through social media, so if you sit down to watch a show and scroll through your phone, you are bombarded by reminders of all the things your friends are doing while you are relaxing. It is a weird sense of guilt, because you are not doing anything wrong. In our minds, lazy has become one of the worst things we could be.

Finding the time to practice self care can make us feel that we are being selfish, because we could be doing so many other things. Spending money, time or energy on ourselves is looked upon as something that should only happen so often.

As for money, It can be difficult to spend on things for ourselves because we have rent, food, bills, etc. That $5 could go towards clothes for our children, or towards the extra data you have used this month. But that $5 could pay for something that makes your day. We come up with all the reasons why we cannot practice self care, because somehow that is easier than giving ourselves the time we deserve.

I do not know when our society decided that we should put ourselves last on the priority list, but it has made it awful hard to practice good self care. It is time to stop feeling guilty about taking care of ourselves, because you can’t give water from an empty glass and simply because you deserve it too!

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