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A Voice for the Innocent is a non-profit community dedicated to the support of those affected by rape and sexual abuse by offering a safe and compassionate space to share stories and seek help.

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  • How Does Title IX Protect Victims of Sexual Assault?

    How Does Title IX Protect Victims of Sexual Assault? American college campuses have a serious problem regarding sexual assault. Not only were 1 in 5 college students victims of sexual...
  • Know Your Rights: A Crash Course on Title IX

    With another new school year upon us, many students may find themselves to be new survivors of assault, harassment, or bullying. What they might not know is that they have...
  • Volunteering Without a Story

    When I read the comments posted on the stories on our site, I notice that some volunteers share their own experiences of sexual violence. Although I don’t have direct experience...

Stories matter

Survivors of sexual violence often feel they need help, but can face many barriers that cause them to keep their stories inside. We empower survivors to safely share their stories to our compassionate and trained community members. When they're ready, we'll help them find counseling, legal help or other resources that they may need on their journey of healing.

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