I can’t put it in words

Since 1978, 79 I have been in need of help. When I look back at the hell that I've seen and been through I know that there is some reason why I've continued to go forward no matter what. Through the abuse, rape, bullying, isolation, confusion, and the prejudice I have somehow survived, don't ask me how, cause I don't know. My health though has really suffered I used to wonder why do I have migraines, panic and anxiety attacks, PTSD, IBS, depression, suffered a stroke or brain bleed, and CVS? But when you think about it through those 40 years or so I have never received any real help regarding the abuse that I've endured so my body was dealing with it the best way it could. Which brings me to why I'm writing this post. Somewhere in mid to late May I have been daily writing posts on this site, perhaps it was the 40 years all coming out piece by piece like a puzzle, I don't know. What I do know is not at one time did… Read more  »

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I want to be set free

Before I begin my story I’d like people to know how difficult it was to tell it, so please if you can reach out and let me know you understand and not that anyone would here please don’t judge me, I’ve done that enough to myself. Possibly in 1979 I believe when my grandmother was… Read more

Some days are worse than others

Over the last few days I’ve had a migraine and the bloated, gnawing feeling in my stomach which takes any enjoyment I may have had in my life. I guess it started when some heartless person reminded me that I have no value by saying the best thing you can do for yourself and the… Read more

Some fucked up shit

It’s been 5 years since it happened. I’ve never told anyone the whole story and I’ve never gone into detail. It still haunts me to this very day. I wake up screaming after nightmares remembering the things they did to me. I was 15 at the time, and attending my first ever house part and… Read more

Keeping in touch

Hi, it’s been a while I just thought I’d tell you how I’m doing. The way I feel about myself is improving perhaps having my little Jack Russell by my side while I pet her is soothing to me, it calms my nerves. My mother has improved, oh we still have set backs but overall… Read more

How do you put it all into words?

I want to start by saying that I’ve never tried to write this all out before in the stretch of a narrative. It’s super hard to do because in moments of crisis and trauma, the brain is so focused on survival that it turns off anything unnecessary for survival at that moment– for example, the… Read more

Just a Party

To all reading, you should know that I’m currently 16 years old. My friend’s boss throws this big fourth of July party to set off fireworks (he’s the owner of this sketchy illegal stand in the town we live in). My friend brought me as her guest, and I didn’t know what to expect out… Read more

Unsure, unfaithfull?

Hello everyone here, My wife I are a couple since we were teenagers. I have never been with other woman. Always have been strong enough to leave tentations and never being a drinker. My wife was pregnant, about to give birth and I was taking care of other 2 children. Because of stress of work… Read more


When I was very small, I cant remember how old but it was before I started school. Its crazy that I can even remember it really, my step-father would show me his penis and how he could make it “spit”. It just started like that and progressed into him having me help him make it… Read more

I can’t believe it happened!

We currently live in a 3rd world country so this was our 9th summer we visit the US and some other places. Last summer, I was with my husband, my son and we were travelling where we usually go every summer. Our visit was supposed to last 7 days. It was late and my family… Read more

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