My mind wont shut off…

Im back at the motel with a client but this time im trapped i know theres no getting out till hes done with me for the 400 he paid he wanted a sugerbaby not an escort so when i try and leave he says no i didnt hire an escort as i lay there letting this smelly 45 year old man fuck me at 17 i lay there stiff the tvs on im watching cp24 hoping itll end soon so i can go back to my pimp i wake up its a nightmare again about one of the 340 johns id seen yet i never tried to think much of it my man needed the money for his car idk if all those men were considered rape because i was 17 yes they were aged ranging from 19 to 65 i remeber my first client he was 45 my guy left me to do it sober i rember i cried as i went down on him he never asked if i was ok but i had to do a good… Read more  »

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I hate love

I’m not sure where to start so I’m gonna start from when we met. We met at band camp. I was a sophomore. He was friends with my friend who I’m not friends with anymore (I’ll explain later). After band camp was over he asked for my number. We would text everyday. Finally he decided… Read more


So I’m exhausted because I got no sleep last night (Sunday) and here’s why. Long story short I was sitting in my car smoking and watching Netflix. Something I do/did often. This van passed me a couple times and the second time shot up a house and vehicle down the street. Yea you read that… Read more

was put at a disadvantage place 2

Its hard to let go of a horrified tragedy. That follows were ever u go. Were ever i go im been pionted that im gay. IM NOT, my ex wife says im an attractive men. Cant really talk to ladies cause dont want to bring no one else down n put them to shame.n no… Read more

I guess its time

I’ve never really told my story. Not in detail, not properly. Despite the huge impact that it had on my life, my childhood, my sexuality and my relationship with my family, I never felt right making a fuss. It was swept under the rug by my parents, why shouldn’t it be hidden away by me… Read more

Anxious about court…

I have to go to court for trial for my ex pimp but i have such mixed feelings idk why im already anxious about this when its so far from now like i still feel like i cant snitch on him but the police tell me i owe it to myself and my friend who… Read more

im so stuck.

Sometimes things happen and you try to forget about them. Like when you stumble while walking up the steps and you convince yourself that the other 300 students in the hall didn’t see, or when you send a daring text to someone you thought you cared about and they opt not to reply – so… Read more

was put at disavantage place

I just turn 18 yrs old i was into the streets was careless about others. But was very repectfull to the adults. N when i just trun 18 me an a friend was walking to my parents house just a block alway. (Almost home). Got stopped by a sheriff sargeant . he was searching me… Read more

Feels like I’m drowning but still to many to tell

The addiction has got me messed up after my pimp left i still love my man alot now just like I still can’t stop crying I still can’t stop feeling like shit for him and I can’t lie ive wanted to leave this planet alot now because I don’t feel like i belong maybe he… Read more

My story ;

It was a Saturday evening when I got the notification saying I got a match. We started talking every day and every night on the phone. We decided to make the next step and meet in real life. The first meeting was amazing and went extremely well. Then things got serious and since he lived… Read more

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