The Drive Back

It was senior year of high school. I had a boyfriend of four months at the time, and we were very happy to people outside of the relationship. He was my first boyfriend ever, as well as the first man I was ever sexually involved with. We were happy for a while, but then things became less of a dream and more of a sink hole. I kept being pulled deeper and deeper with no hope of escape. He focused less on things that made me happy like just kissing, or cuddling, napping together, and began only focusing on the sexual side of our relationship. He would do things like take his penis out while he was over at my house (my parents were in the house still, my mother just in the opposite room) and say that he wouldn't put away his appendage unless I gave him a blow job. It would be my fault if we got caught. Then this spiraled into him showing up in the driveway of my home without any pants on, and once I… Read more  »

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Not once, not twice, 3

The first time, I was 8 years old. I saw my dad every weekend. I didn’t mind it until the day he left me in the care of my 16 year old uncle at the time. I remember playing with my uncle on his Nintendo system and he was sitting behind me. He told me… Read more

Sometimes all we have to do is look around

Yesterday, my mother had the staples removed, 61 of them removed. She was exhausted from the trip to the doctor and the effort it took her. Today she had to have her medication picked up. I had a friend I met a few years ago, who lives about five minutes away. I called him to… Read more

the cheater and the rapist

The short end of my very long nightmare that hasnt even begun yet…I had an affair with a younger gentleman off myspace 9 years ago. I had no reason to doubt who he said he was because he seemed legit. I broke it off because he started being too aggressive. Then I make the mistake… Read more

“ME TOO” Social media

Here, I do not have a story but I saw this brought up in someone else’s and I think it is important for its own thread. I want to know how other victims feel about this. IT MAKES ME TERRIBLY uncomfortable. I know, now, that even if it didnt happen to a girl, we should… Read more

people who “love” you might use it against you

My rape happened when I stayed the night with my close friend from high school. It was at her two cousins’ house, and they had one friend over. When I fell asleep I was woken abruptly when my anus was torn.All three of these strong, military men had taken over. We dont need too much… Read more

Feeling a little better I think

This morning was a little chaotic the physical therapist nurse came by and while she was upstairs with my mother I keep hearing the bathroom door shut and toilet flush, thing is I didn’t hear the walker, so I know it wasn’t my mother. After about 10 minutes my mother calls for me as I… Read more

How Responsible Am I?

My condition may appear inconsistent because of its complexity. It’s hard to live in my storm, even harder to articulate my experience and to feel that explaining and making others understand my experience is my responsibility. But I wanted to understand what happen, and to suss out exactly what happened. I don’t blame myself. That’s… Read more

Don’t know what to do..

When I was 12 (14 years ago) my best friend at the time and I went to her dads house for the weekend. Her parents were long since divorced at this point. We stayed a long weekend with him everything was going great we were having a blast until the last night. We were sleeping… Read more

I need to start thinking of myself

Many people may think that it sounds selfish, allow me to explain As far back as I can remember I’ve had people who get carried away and become abusive toward me, example my grandmother and I went shopping and I guess we got separated when I saw my grandmother standing in line, I ran up… Read more

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