the night i realized i had no control

It was a typical Friday night for a college student in a tiny town. I was hanging out with a friend and me and him decided to go to the girls basketball game. we stayed for the whole thing, but the whole time we were there, he was very touchy. hugging me and grabbing me to sit next to him on the bleachers. he also kept asking if i was 17 yet. i thought it was a little weird, seeing as he knew i was in a relationship with someone else, but i brushed it off as nothing. well, after the game he, another friend and i went out for a drive. after the drive we got back to campus. around that time i got a call that my boyfriend was being taken to the hospital for possible alcohol poisoning. so of course, i was very worried and very preoccupied with worrying about him. i had already planned on staying the night at the dorms so i stayed still. i agreed to stay with him and watch movies for awhile,… Read more  »

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My boyfriend and my boyfriend

He day that it started it was with my dad first he would touch me and hurt me and then my boyfriend came and this is how it happened I was listing things I want and my step dad cam in my room and started telling me these things I did not want to know… Read more

I was molested by my “step dad”

I was molested by a close family friend twice… I was 14 and he was 28..He was like a step dad to me and was living with my family at the time. I knew him for 5 years and he had gained my trust. One night I fell asleep on the couch and that’s when… Read more

My story

Sophomore year of high school I thought I was on top of the world. I was 15, I had finally stopped using drugs, and I felt good about myself. I typically stayed around more juniors and seniors because I tended, and still do, to be more mature than those my age or younger. At the… Read more

just dealing with it

Lately I have been having flash blacks or sweat terriers at work, because of how one of my coworkers talks to his ex on the phone on break. He raises is voice and talks so rude and mean and cusses that my heart will race and my hands will become sweaty and I have to… Read more

I haven’t really talked about this since it happened

*sigh* okay so this is going to be long. It happened on a Sunday in November 2016. I struggle with chronic illness and chronic pain. A while ago a doctor in my area was arrested and sent to prison for giving narcotics out like skittles, so now all the doctors close to me are petrified… Read more


I can’t get out of bed most days. I’m not enjoying life. I just want to be normal. I want to fucking feel something again!!! I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m lost. I’m miserable. I’m anxious. I’m angry. I’m stressed. All at once. All the time. Im tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of… Read more

YOU matter no matter WHAT!

My name is Sammie and I am a sexual assault survivor. I will never forget what happened, when it happened where and who. I was 8 years old. Amy mother was seeing this guy she worked with although she was married. My stepfather had had an accident while I was gone on vacation and was… Read more


Everyday I work til late at night and I’m always afraid of being attacked. I’m afraid that my rapist will somehow know when I’m off and attack me so we don’t go to trial. I’m afraid he might be in the back seat of my car. Then when I’m safe in my car on my… Read more

All messed up

Not really sure where to start or how to begin if I’m completely honest with myself. Now that I am 24 years old and have a kid of my own I can kinda understand why my mom depended on men all my life. Being a mother is hard work and its even harder when you… Read more

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