It’s almost been a year.

In January 2017 I was sexually assaulted. My really good guy friend for the past 5 years was having a hard time at home (parents divorce) and needed a friend. One night he texted asking if I wanted to go shopping with him and maybe get dinner. I said yes. I had my license for a little less than a year and he just got his license at the time. I told him I would just meet him at the shopping center but he was very addimit about picking me up in his new car. As I was responding telling him "no I'll just meet you there" he called and said he was in front of my house to pick me up. So I just went with it and drove with him in his car. We went to one store and then to a burger place to get dinner. I ordered first and after he ordered he said our food was carry out. At this point I was confused why he didn't want to eat there but again I just… Read more  »

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I’m not really sure if this was rape or not…

I was dating a guy for a few weeks and I told him from day 1 I wasn’t ready to have sex with him I don’t know why I just had a weird vibe. Well one Saturday night after I was done bartending I had been drinking he had not been drinking at all and… Read more

Silent No More

A must read testimony At the age of 9, a little girl was sold to a 34 year old man for a few hundred dollars a month. At the age of 14 this same little girl gave birth to her first child, followed by her second child, then her third child when she was 18,… Read more

Lonely days to come

I’m asking you to keep a eye open for me on the 25-31, cause during that time I will be alone, no phone, no money, or food to eat. Times like this I go into a deep depression and will most likely making posts. The posts I make help me a great deal, I just… Read more

I need peace in life

People in my faith are telling me I’ll never be able to become anything more than I already am, telling me cause I didn’t scream or fight they will have to notify the girl and tell them that I committed a sin by allowing myself to be raped. That and my mother constantly telling me… Read more

Feeling alone

I know I’ve already posted twice about being raped, but my therapist won’t be able to see me again until February. Therapy is the only thing I have to look forward to each week, and this time I feel I really need it because of the PTSD and nightmares of the rape I’ve been experiencing…. Read more

Lifetime of hell

For 40 years all I know is shame, hate, loneliness, abandonment, and the cause for everything rotten in my and family’s life. I feel guilty and dirty about wanting some human physical contact. I wouldn’t know what love, being safe, or happy is. I’ve had problems like sleepwalking, wetting the bed until I was 18,… Read more

How many times can bad things happen

So let me start right off the bat.. I was an identical twin, my POS father abused her till she became a vegetable and died at a year old. My mother on my 18th birthday told me “You have to be perfect enough for both of you, for you and your sister.” Thanks mom, just… Read more

How do you respond?

The other night my mother told me because she made the mistake in getting fucked she had me anyways and that I have made her life a living hell, starting by saying 1968 was a bad year cause I was born. I owe her my entire life cause she’s the only one who loves me… Read more

Making a Report

For whatever reason, this story has been weighing on my mind recently. I don’t really know why. It wasn’t horribly traumatic, and I got closure after the incident. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and feel like I need a platform to tell my story, and more importantly to encourage other victims… Read more

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