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So i wrote "nieve". So 5 months after i am at work and i know my rapist has came into my job alot before considering its a supercenter and alot of people shop there. I am walking down the main asile to enter the rest of the grocery asiles with my coworker and im looking at all the people coming in and there he is. Right there dressed in black. I took a real quick turn to the left and ditched my coworker and she has no idea. She kept asking "well why did you do that for goober?"...i was in slience and my eyes filled with tears and i just said "everythings fine" i walk out back into out into the break in the asile and im power walking almost running back to my department. She then asks "why are you walking so fast?" I almost trip then i get to the back room and tears roll down my face. I wipe them away before she could see them and i had to explain to her why i was… Read more  »

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