Things I don’t talk about.

So... I wasn't sure if I was going to post my own story. Nothing freaks me out more, no matter how many times I tell it. However, I know the importance in story telling... so why not? Put bluntly, I don't talk about grades 3-9. Not because any sort of trauma happened during that time, I just really wasn't the cutest of children during this time. I was the fat kid, with eczema, braces, asthma, and hair that looked like a yield sign thanks to a really bad haircut. You know how every elementary school has the girl obsessed with horses? That was me (No. I hadn't really ever ridden a horse either). Only I was allergic to horses along with everything else under the sun. I was made fun of frequently and looking back at those pictures makes me wonder why I had friends. I don't say these things to be pathetic, it's just the truth with a bit of a sarcastic edge :-). So, with all of these things working against me, I was amazed when at my… Read more  »

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My Story

I am going to introduce myself, my name is Marcia. I would prefer to go by Marcy. I am 35 years old. I have two children, a handsome little boy, age 3, and his name is Leland. I have a beautiful little girl, age 1, and her name is Sara. These two little people are… Read more »

I remember what you did to me

The first memory I have is around four or five. My mother and grandmother were out grocery shopping so I was alone with my father. I remember him touching me. I remember him pulling out his penis and telling me to kiss it. I remember him ejaculating and telling me that I made lotion come… Read more »

Some friends are better left alone.

What I am about to tell you happened over 20 years ago. I was raped. I did not ask for it. I did not want it. It just happened. I had a friend that I was extremely close with, and she and I did everything together. In fact, there was a six month period where… Read more »

Out of the Ashes

I am a survivor of not only one, but two separate sexual assaults. Recently Diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I don’t know why the second event is seared on my memory, and the first passed with out hardly a memory at all. My therapist seems to think I was drugged the first time… Read more »

Traitorous Miracle

Disclaimer: The following is a disjointed mess. I apologize for the chaotic nature and the jumping in timeline. Ive never told my story like this, but am not aiming for attention or looking to gain anything by this being out. I dont even care if it gets read. its just finally out. I grew up… Read more »

A little of my story

I’m in therapy and have been a me to tell my therapist and few friends and family about being a used but haven’t been able to tell anyone about the most difficult things. My first memories of abuse was when I was about 4. At 7 was when I was first vaginally raped. It hurt… Read more »

My story…

My first memory is of me packing my belongings while sipping chocolate milk that was spoiled out of a bottle. I can taste it just thinking about it. I remember how hungry I was and how that hunger made me overlook what others would be repulsed by. I don’t remember the circumstance, but I remember… Read more »

My Fault

I can’t admit to anyone that what happened to me was sexual assault, and I feel like I’m to blame for all of this, but here’s my story: About a year and a half ago I was babysitting for my brother at his house. He had gone out with some friends who were all still… Read more »

I am not my past.

He told me he had done it to our neighbor before she moved to Texas. I will never know if it was true, but that started it all. We we in the upstairs bathroom when we took our pants off and he made me sit with my legs open so that he could see me…. Read more »