Six years, and how I feel today.

I moved to Boston when I was 18 for college. I moved from a small town in New England where nothing bad really happens. It's safe to say I was sheltered and thought I was invincible, but two weeks after I moved everything changed. I was in a city I knew nothing about, with friends I had only made because they were my roommates and more intoxicated than I had ever been. Surprisingly I made the smart choice and chose to get a cab back to my dorm because I knew I needed to go home. What I didn't see coming was getting sick in the cab and the driver illegally kicking me out and leaving me standing on the side of a busy street I didn't even know the name of. I remember another cab pulling up with three guys inside who offered to give me a ride home. I remember the french accents which made me feel like it was a good idea because I could use my french with them. I told them where my dorm was… Read more  »

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Why don’t they teach us it can be the ones we love?

My story doesn’t feel special.I’m 19 now but I had my first serious boyfriend when I was 15. He was a year older than me. I also had my first sexual encounters at 15. I didn’t want to. I’m asexual. I cried when he first tried forcing me into sex. He stopped, but a few… Read more

I thought I was suppose to be safe with my family(siblings)

At the age of 15 my oldest sister got married, I was beyond happy for her to see her so happy. My mom had to take my brother to a doctor’s appointment, so I was left at home with my sister and her husband. As I was coming out of the bathroom he threw up… Read more

Lets Play House

When I was a little girl, my parents moved to California where I started going to church. We found a bible study within the church and started going to it when I was 4. Me and my sister would go to the shed with the 2 older boys and play house. I would be the… Read more

How do you deal?

So, it was some years back I’m currently 20 years old now so I may have been under 10. This is the first time ive ever talked about this subject. I would go over to my moms sisters house(my auntie) and my cousin’s lived there. my little cousin and I were lije bff. My older… Read more

Thought It Was Love

I Loved This Man.. More than I could even love myself. I was in way to deep , deeper than I thought. He said he loved me and made me promise that I wouldn’t leave him. Not realizing that overtime this is only getting worse until one day it just happened. He was my first… Read more

I can say it now. You raped me.

Dear ****, You raped me. In my house. In my bed. YOU RAPED ME. I trusted you. We had been friends for so many years. I liked you. Then you never spoke to me again. I blamed myself. I pretended it didn’t happen. It did happen. I pretended it didn’t affect me. It did affect… Read more

will i ever get past it

I was 10 when it all started. I was in the 5th grade and just got my period thats when my moms husnad told me i was a women now gave me some money and told me i could go to the store. A week later i was called up stairs to my moms room… Read more

The continual pain

I told my story on here a few months ago. But needed somewhere to talk about the after effects, because no one understands. Is it selfish to want people to see your pain or at least know that you have experienced something painful and are dealing with it everyday? I work in a dominantly male… Read more

I thought it was my fault.

I was raped the first time when I was 18. He was someone i had bad feelings about as soon as i went to hang out with him when he picked me up with his room mate. Yet i got in the car and went with him anyways. We got to his apt and started… Read more