Abused lead to a life of sex addiction.

If you have heard my story posted on here before then you pretty much know it all. But, in case you don’t, the short version is this: I was abused beginning at age 6 and many times throughout my life until I was 16.

Having went through all of that, I still have a huge problem with always craving sex. Wanting it, feeling like I needed it at times, feeling worthy because of it etc. It’s been a huge issue in my current marriage (because of how experienced I am, him not so much) and has even caused me to step out on my marriage.

So, my question is: does anyone have any answers for why I am…screwed up? Why would an abused person like myself crave sex so much? Not to mention, craving dominant sex? I’ve heard from a counselor’s perspective on the whole craving attention bit, not being confident in myself so I desire sex to cope etc. but I wanted other insight…if anyone has anything. : /

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