what happend to me

When I was 10 I was raped by my cousin it went on for years I never to Intel I was 13 it went on at my grandma house and nobody ever noticed well that what they say but they did now .I told my older sister she didn't believe me at first then I swore on my life then she call led my mom and dad and they came back to the house to get me and took me to st e for Thomas but they couldn't do a rape kit because I was to young so the hospital called the cops and a officer came her name was officer south she was so nice . She had my mom and dad follow her to children hospital so they did my rape kit I cried the whole Tim but least my mom was by my side the whole time . So after they did the rape kit I had to go talk to a lady about wb at happend to me and was getting recorded I was scared .… Read more  »

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School Guys Are The Worse

{Okay so I should say, I am a girl. My name is Ty} Recently, I was touched. There was this guy at my school. We were friends. And while I knew he was a bad influence, I thought he was trust worthy. Boy, was I wrong. He’s the flirty, bad boy kind of guy. He… Read more


My trauma began two years after the death of my father at the hands of my half-brother’s dad. I was 5 years old when it began and I believe it went on for about a year, though it is hard to remember. The reason the memories have all been drudged up recently is because last… Read more

Shattered and Sparkling

Sharing my story has weighed on my mind for years, but I was always waiting for the right time. In truth, there’s a fear that runs through you about exposing unseen truth, that if you take off the mask and show the real you, the broken you, that people won’t know how to accept you…. Read more

sexually assaulted by family

when I was 8-12 I was sexually assaulted by my cousin every weekend I did not understand it was wrong till I was 10.I finally told someone when I was 11 and they did not believe me so I didn’t tell anyone again for a whole year when I was 12.I told a big brothers… Read more

The boyfriend who got caught

I am 20 years old and I was with someone old enough to be my father. I was abused as a child and always liked the feeling of being taken care of. My parents abused me and so did my older brother. I never trusted men and so I met a lot of guys online… Read more

Feeling Sick But Trying To Cope

Something was triggered me in last night actually, I had a complete break down at work and cried myself to sleep inconsolable, I just want to get it out there…somewhere…I don’t know if this will make me feel better…but I just don’t want to feel alone anymore! About 5 years ago I broke up with… Read more

First Step

Today, my chest is heavy. I want too tell someone about something that happened 14 years ago, when I was 7… I can’t tell any one I know, I want too but I just cant. I don’t want to be looked at differently. One day when I was 7, three boys walked up to me… Read more

One night and counting

It plays in my head over and over again. For 3 months, I didn’t understand and pushed it aside. I never wanted to be part of this statistic. I was full of life, started feeling beautiful and vibrant. I was 21 years old and with a strange long distance relationship with a guy, I loved… Read more

he was family

So i haven’t talked about it in over 2 years. I hate talking about anything personal to anyone, even though i want to. I just need to say it, because it’s eating me up. It was summer vacation, before sophmore year. I was 15 at the time. My dad was inviting my cousins over to… Read more