Traitorous Miracle

Disclaimer: The following is a disjointed mess. I apologize for the chaotic nature and the jumping in timeline. Ive never told my story like this, but am not aiming for attention or looking to gain anything by this being out. I dont even care if it gets read. its just finally out. I grew up in a very conservative, very religious home. My father was always away with work or some church duties (congregation leader, etc). My mother came from a broken home and was very determined that her family was going to be a portrait of love and togetherness; she also happens to be a sociopath narcissist control freak. I was born 3 months premature and had a head injury at birth causing scar tissue to form on my porrodial lobe (*this information is from what my mother used to lecture me on all the time when telling me i was a miracle child). The scar tissue on my brain caused spatial disgraphya which has to do with motor skills and information processing in the brain. I attended occupational… Read more  »

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A little of my story

I’m in therapy and have been a me to tell my therapist and few friends and family about being a used but haven’t been able to tell anyone about the most difficult things. My first memories of abuse was when I was about 4. At 7 was when I was first vaginally raped. It hurt… Read more »

My story…

My first memory is of me packing my belongings while sipping chocolate milk that was spoiled out of a bottle. I can taste it just thinking about it. I remember how hungry I was and how that hunger made me overlook what others would be repulsed by. I don’t remember the circumstance, but I remember… Read more »

My Fault

I can’t admit to anyone that what happened to me was sexual assault, and I feel like I’m to blame for all of this, but here’s my story: About a year and a half ago I was babysitting for my brother at his house. He had gone out with some friends who were all still… Read more »

I am not my past.

He told me he had done it to our neighbor before she moved to Texas. I will never know if it was true, but that started it all. We we in the upstairs bathroom when we took our pants off and he made me sit with my legs open so that he could see me…. Read more »

Survival in Three Short Chapters

Hi All, I am a proud AVFTI volunteer and have posted here before. This past weekend, I felt inspired to write a poem (something I never do), but it is, I believe, what my heart has been longing to say for 25 long years. I wanted to share it somehow and figured the loving and… Read more »

part 2. . . .

I have a little more time to write. It felt almost like a therapeutic experience last time I wrote here so I figured I should try telling the rest of the stories… after I told my mom I was raped at 7 (though at the time I called it sex I didn’t know what raped… Read more »

It’s time to tell it.

When I was 25 ish, my husband and I were co-pastors of a little church. We were there for a couple of years, and while I was okay with it for the most part, there were things that disturbed me. The pastor had a habit of being really mean spirited when he talked about people… Read more »

part one

I was 7 he was 16 about to turn 17 i think. He is my brothers Godmothers son and mom let him watch me for a couple hours his name is keith . mom and I were always at his house all summer he had a pool and it was fun. Well the moment my… Read more »

Family Betrayal

Where to even begin. When I was around 9 years old, (not quite sure of how old I was because I repressed the memory for years) I was sexually abused by my older brother. Thank god it only happened to me once, as I know many sexual abuse victims are not so lucky. He also… Read more »

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