It was 3 years ago today when everything changed in one night, sounds dramatic but it’s true somethings will always be burned in your mind no matter how much you would like to forget. I was navigating the newly single life and meeting new people was exciting like being introduced to a whole other world that I was closed off from for so many years. I have always been prideful knowing I had street smarts, recognizing the good and evil in people and being able to handle myself but then again I’m only human. I found that out all too well. It started off harmless, meet up with someone I had been chatting with online, normal everyday single life stuff. I didn’t really feel like going out that night and looking back my gut screamed at me “no stay home” but my head said “no go out, push yourself, it will be ok” see my heart had just been broken by someone and I was just figuring out adult dating out of a newly settled divorce. Life was complicated. I… Read more  »

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Years of Silence

I don’t know where to begin. Considering the fact that the memories of these experiences have been infiltrating my thoughts for years, day in and day out, distracting me constantly from what should be a normal existence, I find it amusing that now as I begin to type this, I struggle to find words. I… Read more »

how can it be….

I was in the middle of a divorce, I thought I was gonna be safe, I was just trying to deal with the pain of what I was going through. I went out on what was supposed to be a girls night. he started texting the girl I was with and telling her we should… Read more »

Did I want it?

-Names will be changed because I just don’t have the heart to say either of their names- So it started with my sister being in the hospital. She has this disease called Cystic Fibrosis and it basically makes her more susceptible to infections. This time it didn’t look good because the doctors see talking about… Read more »

He didn’t care

I come from a smile everyone is watching kind of family. My mother always wanted to make sure everyone knew we were happy. Even if we weren’t. I had knew him for a while. We were in school together. He dated one of my friends. He told me he thought I had the most amazing… Read more »

The Last Night

Yesterday, I shared my story. Or at least of one the stories about when was little. Today, I’m sharing the day I remember the most. The last night I saw my cousin. The last night I was subjected to her touch. I was seven. I was tall, tan, red headed, Disney loving, little girl. Even… Read more »

I was little

I will be honest. I’m only 14 years old. What happened to me was 7-9 years ago. I remember pieces here are there of the 2-3 years I spent being touched by my cousin. I remember her coming over to my house and staying the weekend. I remember that she would stay in my room… Read more »

Once upon a time, I was a little girl

Hi All, I’ve shared my story here before (that I was raped by a neighbor when I was 12), but there’s another part to my story that I have not shared except with my therapist and a couple of close friends. This part of my story occurred much earlier in life and is something I’ve… Read more »

Finally telling the WHOLE story…

When I was 19 going to college out of state, I came home to Cincinnati for a weekend. When my mother found out about my visit she called to ask if I would housesit and care for their dogs so she and her boyfriend could go out of town. I obliged mostly so I wouldn’t… Read more »

I don’t even have the words.

This is rather difficult for me, it happened three years ago which I think makes it more complicated because I often wonder if it really was my fault. If I wasn’t trying to really stop it and if I caused it. So to begin, like I said it happened about three years ago, I wanted… Read more »